How Iodine Contributes to Weight Loss

Iodine, a mineral that makes up less than .000001% of your body, plays a very important role in weight loss. Iodine works to regulate your thyroid activity and hormone production, leading to regular weight loss. If you have thyroid problems, iodine could be what you need to get your weight loss back to normal and start seeing results.

Role of the Thyroid in Weight Gain and Loss

The thyroid is a gland that regulates many body processes, including weight, metabolism, and energy. An underactive thyroid gland leads to the condition hypothyroidism. Those who suffer from hypothyroidism will almost always notice weight gain as a side effect. It leads to your metabolism becoming sluggish and your body burning fewer calories. One cause of hypothyroidism is a lack of iodine in the body. Despite its presence in table salt, which some might say is overused in diets today, many people still do not get enough iodine in their diet. This is particularly true if you don’t eat seafood and don’t use extra salt on your food.

How to Use Iodine for Weight Loss

Using iodine for weight loss only works if you have hypothyroidism. If you have a healthy thyroid and you try to use iodine to lose weight, it could have detrimental side effects. Only work iodine into your weight loss plan when you are working with a doctor.

If you’ve been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism, you can use iodine to help your thyroid return to normal and get your body back to its ideal weight. Changing your diet to naturally increase your iodine intake is key; while there are iodine supplements available, the amount of iodine in them could be enough to swing your body into hyperthyroidism. You don’t want to trade one thyroid disorder for another.

Working iodine-rich foods into your diet naturally will allow you to safely raise your iodine level to its ideal state. Table salt is one of the most common ways of getting the necessary iodine. However, before you go sprinkling it on your next meal, check the container that you get your refills from. Some salt containers have warnings on the side that they do not contain iodine. Be sure to purchase salt that does contain iodine.

Many types of dairy also have iodine. Try adding milk, yogurt or mozzarella cheese to your diet to naturally increase your iodine levels. Sea vegetables, particularly kelp, are fantastic sources of iodine. Remember to make the most of this iodine-rich diet by continuing to get the other vitamins and minerals you need, eating healthily and exercising. Although getting sufficient iodine is enough to get your weight loss back to normal, you will see much faster and longer-lasting results if you combine it with diet and exercise. For a mineral that takes up so little space in the body, it’s clear that iodine plays a very important role in weight loss. If your thyroid is causing weight gain, talk to a doctor about getting it back to normal by adding iodine to your diet.


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