How Holiday Snacks Can Help You Lose Weight

The holidays are among us and that typically translates into a lot of good holiday snacks and foods.  Many families pile on the helpings of all sorts of delicious dishes. You do not have to avoid them altogether. A person can realistically go through the holidays and not gain a bunch of extra weight. There is no need to think of holiday snacks as the bad guy because they actually are not. Those holiday snacks can actually help keep those extra pounds off that are typically added during this time of the year.

Lose weight by snacking?

Snacking is not as bad as you may think and hear on television.  In fact, most doctors and fitness trainers recommend a person have something to eat every couple of hours throughout the day.  Eating every 2 to 3 hours, keeps a persons blood sugar level more stable throughout the day.  If a person snacks a little at a time, they are not famished when a meal is served like lunch or dinner. They tend to not overeat with huge portions.  This action alone will lower their calorie intake. Remember to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Foods to Snack On

When you are hungry, choose snacks that are high in fiber and that will digest slower.  These type of foods stay with you longer; you will feel fuller. The foods to snack on should typically be less processed than their counterparts. Go for a more natural approach to snacking. The more natural tends to lean towards the healthier option anyways.

Good snacks are very easy to find such as a bowl of oatmeal, a blueberry oat bran muffin or fruits and vegetables.  Other good snack options would be cheese, eggs, chicken and fish. Nuts are a great choice. Remember with nuts, the higher amount of fat in the nuts will make you feel fuller longer.  Be aware though nuts can be high in calories. Check the calorie count and watch your portion sizes. It is very easy to sit and snack on nuts one after the other and not realize how many you actually consumed. Peanuts, for example, are approximately 170 calories for one quarter of a cup.

Foods to Avoid

Do not choose snacks that are high in calories like candy bars, cookies or chips. Also, snacks that are high in carbohydrates, such as pretzels and bagels, are not a very good choice. These type of snack foods do not stay with a person long. You will be feeling hungry quickly after consuming these. They are not good for you. If you must try the snack, go moderately and do not over do it. Sample the treat and move on to healthier options.

Holiday snacks are not the enemy. A person can still enjoy the occasional holiday treat. However, by snacking every couple of hours throughout the work day, one can keep away from that holiday weight gain. Choose the right type of healthy snacks to enjoy. The snacks should have more fiber and less carbs than the sugary sweets. When it is time for a meal, chances are you will not have the tendency to overeat. You will feel happy that you are still eating your favorite foods but in a normal sized portion. After the holidays, you will not have to suffer guilt from overeating and see the scale go up in numbers.


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