How Healthy is No Sugar Added Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt helps to satisfy sweet cravings, while limiting fat and sugar consumption. Instead of eating desserts with high fat content, most frozen yogurt options contain very small amounts when sugars and extra ingredients do not get added. Even better, a frozen yogurt without added sugars further solidifies the food choice as a smart dessert or sweet snack choice.

Nutritional Content

Plain frozen yogurt without added sugar contains only 7 grams of sugars per each half cup serving. At only 90 calories, a half cup serving provides a low calorie choice for those targeting a weight loss goal as well.

This frozen yogurt variety has a very low sodium and cholesterol content. One half cup serving of frozen yogurt without added sugars contains 4 grams of protein and 20 grams of carbohydrates. Calcium acts as the sole mineral found in frozen yogurt. We get about 10% of our recommended daily value of calcium through eating small amounts of this naturally sweet food.

Nutritional Concerns

Since frozen yogurt contains only calcium, we miss out on any real health benefits provided by other food choices.

Eating too much frozen yogurt, even without added sugars, has an impact on our chances of gaining weight. At 20 grams of carbohydrates per serving, each half cup serving size quickly adds up when we enjoy too much of this sweet choice.

Positive Nutritional Characteristics

Even though frozen yogurt does not contain an abundance of nutrients, we generally do not consume this food item as a means to achieve daily vitamin and mineral requirements. As a food typically looked at as a dessert or sweet snacking option, frozen yogurt provides us with several other benefits.

When we substitute a no sugar added frozen yogurt choice in place of a food with high fats and sugars, we tend to see the most benefits. Eating dessert or enjoying a sweet snack generally has connections with weight gain. However, the low caloric content of frozen yogurt actually causes little to no weight gain in most people…when eaten in moderation.

Eating in Moderation

In order to see any real benefit from eating a food like frozen yogurt, we must consume these choices in moderation. Since frozen yogurt without added sugars still contains a moderate level of carbohydrates, people who do not remain physically active will generally store some of those sugars as fat within their bodies.

Eating frozen yogurt in place of high calorie desserts and snacks also helps us limit our daily caloric intake and maintain a healthy weight. Rather than consuming 300 to 500 calories by eating one big bowl of ice cream with toppings, we have the ability to enjoy a sweet snack at a fraction of that caloric total.

Frozen yogurt plays the role of a low calorie substitute for food choices that usually account for large amounts of weight gain; the no sugar added varieties further increase this notion.


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