How Healthy is a Jamba Juice Smoothie?

Have you been craving a Jamba Juice smoothie lately? Do you consider these blended, fruity concoctions to be the ideal summer treas? After all, they not only taste delicious, but they’re also entirely healthy, right? Not exactly. Unfortunately, just like most treats that taste delicious, these smoothies delivers hidden calories and an abundance of sugar. That’s not to say that a Jamba Juice smoothie is entirely unhealthy, as they also pack many vitamins and minerals. Let’s take a closer look at your smoothies to unveil their nutritional makeup:

Nutrition of a Jamba Juice Smoothie

Yes, Jamba Juice smoothies are loaded with fruit, and fruit is healthy. However, a typical smoothie is also packed with juice, yogurt, and sometimes even sorbet, and when you blend these ingredients together with the natural sugars found in fruit, you have yourself quite a sugary drink.

One thing to keep in mind is that not every Jamba Juice smoothie is created equally. Some are dairy free while others are packed with sherbet and yogurt. Therefore, the calorie count and nutritional content of each smoothie will differ. Also, size does matter when it comes to a Jamba Juice smoothie! There are 3 different sizes available—16oz, 22oz and 30oz—and you can shave several calories off your smoothie by going with the smaller size. For example, a Peach Pleasure 16oz smoothie is 270 calories, but the calorie count climbs to 490 calories if you order a large (also known as a power smoothie).

Let’s examine the calorie and sugar count in some of your favorite smoothies. These counts are based on the regular, 22oz smoothies:

  • Strawberries Wild – Calories: 370 Sugar: 77g
  • Banana Berry – Calories: 400 Sugar: 82g
  • Berry Yummy (all fruit) – Calories: 320 Sugar: 60g
  • Peanut Butter Moo’d – Calories: 770 Sugar: 108g (whoa!)

How to View a Jamba Juice Smoothie

Obviously, clocking in at 300 calories or more, these smoothies carry as many calories as a meal (with the Peanut Butter Moo’d carrying enough for 2 meals). Therefore, it is important that you don’t view a smoothie as a drink that supplements your meal. If you order a sandwich for lunch then run next door to wash it down with a Jamba Juice smoothie, you are essentially consuming 2 meals. With this mindset, you could seriously impede your weight loss efforts. A Jamba Juice smoothie should either be viewed as breakfast or as an occasional treat.

Lighter Options

Fortunately for all you smoothie lovers, Jamba Juice makes lighter alternatives that strip your smoothie of calories and sugar. These light options are made with a base of milk and Splenda, as opposed to ice cream. How many calories can you actually save? If you look above, you’ll notice that a regular Strawberries Wild is 370 calories. Well, its healthier counterpart, Strawberry Nirvana, is 230 calories with 43g of sugar. A small Strawberry Nirvana clocks in at 150 calories, which means you can even enjoy this smoothie as a snack.   



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