How Group Fitness Classes Help You Maintain Your Diet

Group fitness classes are great for you in a number of ways. They’re generally anywhere between 45-60 minutes (which forces you to work out for a longer period of time), they keep you motivated and serve as a way for you to be social and make new friends who are also interested in staying fit. Group fitness classes can also affect your eating habits in a healthy way. Here’s how group fitness classes help you maintain your diet.

Classes Are a Source of Constant Reinforcement

Sometimes all we need is a little bit of motivation and positive reinforcement to stay on track with any goal. Being in a group fitness class with people who have the same fitness ambitions helps you see that you’re not making sacrifices on your own. Everyone else in the room is taking time out of their day and working hard throughout the class–and probably watching what they eat as well. Not only that, you have an instructor at the front of the room who motivates you. Being reminded of all the calories you’re burning and the good you’re doing for your body by the person leading the class is excellent motivation to maintain your diet.

Classes Keep You Focused

Group fitness classes are generally non-competitive, friendly places. Go to one and you’ll see that most everyone is in the room for the same reason–to stay in shape or to get in shape. It’s easy to build friendships with people if they regularly take the same classes as you do. It’s also beneficial to maintaining your diet. While classes aren’t competitive, seeing the progress that the people around you are making is enough to keep you focused on being just as disciplined in your diet and exercise as they are–if not more so. Knowing that that gal next to you isn’t swinging through the drive through for a milkshake after an intense kickboxing class will keep you from doing so, too. Even more, if you see someone who looks great in your class, it’s easy to ask him or her for some tips and advice on meals, snacks and overall workout regimens.

Classes Keep Your Meals and Snacks Scheduled

The more time you’re moving, the less time you’re snacking! If you go to a class over your lunch break or immediately after work, you’re not going to be sitting around and snacking during that time. Furthermore, you know you have to eat something for energy an hour before your workout (at the very latest). Regular participation in group classes will force you to schedule your snacks. The best pre-workout snacks contain some protein and some complex carbohydrates (like a glass of chocolate milk or an apple with some peanut butter). Eating a cookie or candy bar won’t cut it. You have to make healthy choices.

If you’re having trouble maintaining your diet, consider trying several group fitness classes. They’ll keep you motivated and focused and will help you to schedule your snacks and meals more wisely.


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