How Good Skin Improves Self Esteem

Most beauty experts will tell you that good skin is the foundation of any beauty regimen. Since it is the largest organ in the body, it only makes sense that it is one of the first things that people will notice about you. Aside from being a component of good health and beauty, the condition of your skin can also affect your mental and emotional health. Here are some ways that good skin can boost your self esteem.

1. You Feel More Beautiful

Since good skin is one of the building blocks of beauty, it may be hard for you to feel attractive without good skin. As you probably know, your self-esteem may be greatly influenced by how attractive you feel. Therefore, your self-esteem is greatly improved when you feel that you are at your most beautiful. One of the first steps in improving your appearance is by improving your skin. Even the best makeup in the world will not compare to clear, smooth and supple skin.

2. You Become More Confident

If you’ve had to battle acne during your teen or adult years then you probably know how bad skin can affect your confidence. Imagine having to stand in front of a crowd and deliver a speech. Memorizing what you have to say is bad enough, knowing that so many eyes are on you will certainly make you more anxious. Add bad skin to the list and you have a situation headed for doom. When you have good skin, you are able to face tasks with more confidence. This doesn’t mean that you need not worry about your skin unless you are speaking publicly. Most everyday activities also require confidence, from walking down a street to ordering at the counter of a coffee shop. Imagine if you have to do these while worrying about how bad your skin looks.

3. You Become More Comfortable in Social Situations

If you have suffered from acne and other skin conditions you know how bad skin can take a powerful toll on your life. One of the aspects that bad skin can affect is your social skills. When you are self-conscious about your skin, you tend to avoid social events like parties, reunions and even dates. Good skin eliminates this problem. When you have good skin, you no longer fear being in a room full of people. You can easily manage talking to other people and looking at them confidently in the eye.

4. You Feel in Control of Your Life

When you have good skin, your self-esteem is also improved since you feel in charge of your health and body. Bad skin often makes you feel like you are not in control. You know that an unhealthy lifestyle affects your skin and yet you cannot drop your unhealthy habits. The opposite occurs when you maintain good skin. You feel happier, healthier and more determined to make healthy lifestyle choices.


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