How Good Bacteria Improves Digestion

You have hundreds of species of bacteria living within your digestive system, including good bacteria called probiotics. These beneficial bacteria naturally colonize mucosal areas of your body including your respiratory system, vagina and gasterointestinal region. A high number of good bacteria will great improve your digestion by helping you more readily absorb vitamins and minerals, as well as control bad bacteria.


Better Digestive Absorption


Your diet largely controls how much good and bad bacteria are in your digestive tract. A great number of probiotics naturally occurring in your system will help your body digest food properly. Proper digestion is imperative to nutrient absorption. Probiotics help your body absorb nutrients as well as produce vitamins A and B.

Healthy digestive bacteria benefit your small intestine by increasing the production of immune-boosting substances that protect you against illness and disease. They also support your large intestine by safely cleansing your colon. A well-functioning colon allows your liver to function properly as well. 

Combat Bad Bacteria

Poor digestion and issues like diarrhea typically result from bad bacteria entering your system from your external environment. Whether you pick up bacteria from your surroundings, or from eating or drinking contaminated food, good bacteria will help fight off illness. Daily probiotic supplements in addition to a diet rich in whole foods is your greatest defense against digestive issues and illnesses. Probiotics each have a natural defense against certain food-borne bacteria that cause gastric distress, and digestive illness. 

Probiotic supplements come in handy when you are on a cycle of antibiotics as well. Antibiotics not only kill the bacteria causing your illness, but also the good bacteria in your system. Taking healthy bacteria supplements while on this medication will decrease your chance of developing yeast issues and digestive issues, as well as restore a healthy balance in your digestive tract. 

Maintain a Balance

Probiotics help you maintain a healthy pH balance in your system. Candida thrives in an alkaline environment, leading to yeast infections in the mucosal regions of the body. Species of good bacteria known as Lactobacillus release hydrogen peroxide to produce an environment too acidic for the survival of yeast. 

The Importance of Good Digestion

The digestive system runs through the center of the body, but is exposed to the external environment when we take in food and drink. The large intestine is directly connected to the liver, which processes the blood. This means whatever you place into your digestive system will directly affect your blood and lymphatic system. The small intestine is directly connected to lymphoid tissue as well. If your digestive system is out of balance, whether it is bad bacteria or in an alkaline environment, your entire body is effected. Your lymph nodes are everywhere.

Choose the Right Probiotics

Eating a diet rich in raw foods and raw dairy is one of the best ways to get probiotics. However, taking a probiotic supplement is also greatly beneficial. When choosing probiotics, look for good bacteria that is fully alive, potent and include supernagants. These keep bacteria nourished until you are ready to ingest them.

Lactobacillus, bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus bulgaricus are the most beneficial bacteria. You want to look for products that include these. Only buy probiotics that have been stored in refrigeration and have a guaranteed freshness seal from the manufacturer. 


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