How Flattering Clothing Can Encourage Weight Loss

Many women like to keep hold of those smaller jeans or dresses from years ago, however retaining old clothing might be more detrimental to your weight loss attempts than simply wearing flattering clothing.

Throw Away the “Skinny Clothes”

Got a pair of jeans in the closet that are five sizes too small? Or a dress that hasn’t fit since before the kids were born? Throw them out. Don’t

think about how you’ll fit into it again some day, or try to curve your weight loss efforts around those garments, because you could be setting yourself up for discouragement or disappointment.

You might drop down to your ideal weight again, but age, child bearing and a number of other factors might have altered the shape of your body. Those old dresses might not fit at all, or, they might not look as flattering on you as you remember. Toss out all the clothes that are too small for you.

Don’t Go by the Tags

If you are the sort of person who will purchase a clothing article based on size alone without trying it on, try to get rid of this habit. Just because it is the right size does not mean you’ll like how it looks on you. Take it to the dressing room, try it on and get a good look in those big mirrors. What looks good on one woman may not look good on another. It’s all about curves and where you hold your weight. It’s about colors and shapes. Try it on!

What’s more, many designers these days go by so many sizing systems. Vanity sizes will tell you that you’re a size fourteen when you’re actually an eighteen. This leads to heartache when you drop money on those super-cute size fourteen jeans based on their size tag, get them home, and find they don’t fit at all.

Find Flattering Designs

This goes back to “try it on!” Even if you aren’t sure the outfit is cute on its own, it doesn’t hurt to try it on and see how it looks in the mirror. You might surprise yourself . Soon you’ll start learning what styles suit you best and what part of your body you want attention drawn to the most, whether it’s your hips, breasts, or even your shoulders or legs.

Up Your Self-Esteem

Just because you aren’t happy with your weight doesn’t mean you have to slouch around in sweat-pants and baggy t-shirts. Don’t be afraid to wear something a little form-fitting and don’t be afraid to experiment.

When we dress up nice and think we look good, it’s a confidence booster. This confidence gives us energy, and if you want to lose weight, that energy comes in handy. Get out there and try some of those outfits on, feel good about yourself, and work toward those skinnier dresses along the way without storing them in your closet. When you get to your ideal weight, you’ll find something better anyway.


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