How Fitness Shoes Can Help You Burn Calories

Fitness shoes are a new type of walking shoe that has become very popular over the last few years. Fitness shoes usually have a modified heel, which changes a person’s gait. The companies which sell them claim that they can help to tone up your body, correct posture and joint pain problems, and allow you to burn more calories than you would walking in ordinary shoes. Fitness shoes are relatively expensive, although not necessarily more expensive than other specialist athletic shoes, and it is important to know if they can help you before making such an investment.

Fitness shoes are generally intended to mimic the way a person would walk through sand. They create an unstable surface, forcing the muscles in the legs and back to work harder at stabilizing you while you walk. They might also have uneven soles to redistribute your weight, so that you will use different muscles than you would while wearing ordinary shoes.

How Fitness Shoes Help You Burn More Calories

Burning calories is essential to losing weight. Fitness shoes can help you to burn calories in two different ways. Firstly, they make your muscles work harder, so you will burn more energy while walking the same distance, and will likely burn more energy while recovering as well. The shoes generally force you to move your foot in a rocking motion that requires more muscle involvement from your stomach muscles and leg muscles, and using more muscle will require more calories.

Fitness shoes will also increase the number of calories you burn by increasing and toning the muscles that are having to work harder. Muscle burns more calories than fat, even when it is at rest, and toned muscle also contributes to an overall increased metabolism, which also allows you to burn more calories during the day.

The Disadvantages of Fitness Shoes

Fitness shoes are not miracle workers. They can take awhile to get used to and may cause some people joint pain (usually by aggravating a previous injury). They may also be uncomfortable when walking down hillsides as the lowered heel can cause the foot to slide forward, putting pressure on the toes. They are also difficult, if not dangerous, to run in without specialized training.

Fitness shoes cannot work without regular use, so they are generally only suitable for people who will be able to take regular walks, as they might not be suitable in other situations, like bicycling, or at the gym. They can also be dangerous for those women who habitually wear high heels, as the heels tend to shorten and tighten the Achilles tendon, and fitness shoes lengthen it by dropping the heel. This discrepancy could cause damage to the Achilles tendon. 

Fitness shoes are not for everyone. However, they can help to increase the amount of calories burned while walking, as well as throughout the rest of the day by promoting muscle tone. They can be expensive, but if walking is your main form of exercise, they could be worth the investment.


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