How Family Exercise Can Help You Bond

Are you starting a new exercise program? Have you considered making it a family exercise regimen? Family exercise can help family members bond, and if the activities are something that you all enjoy, it can be fun-filled family time as well. 

Which activity should you choose? Walking, bike riding, skating, swimming or jogging are all activities that can easily be done with your family members. You could enroll in classes for activities such as dance or martial arts. Even if it is not a structured activity, you can still get up and get moving with your family. Simply playing outside with your children is a physical activity, which has all the benefits of more traditional exercise.

Quality Time

These days, everybody is busy doing their own things. With jobs, school and extra-curricular activities, it can be difficult to spend quality time with the whole family. Schedules often get in the way, and quality time gets pushed to the back burner.  

Family exercise is an excellent way to ensure that you have quality bonding time with the whole family. Rather than spending time together in a sedentary activity, such as playing board games or watching television, you can be spending quality time engaging in a healthy activity. If you have a set family exercise schedule, you all know that you will be spending that scheduled time together on a regular, consistent basis.

Even if you do not pre-determine which physical activity you will be participating in, you can still schedule a certain time to be your family’s activity time. During that time, you will do something active together. This is helpful if you have young children whose attention span may wane if you are repeatedly doing the same physical activity. You can allow the children to choose the activity, which will make it fun for them and help keep their interest.

Building Good Habits

Family exercise can also help enforce healthy lifestyle choices and habits in your children. Rather than simply telling your kids to get up off the couch and be active, you will be setting a good example by exercising along with them. You will be showing them that exercise is important enough to schedule into your day, just like work, meetings or chores.

Family exercise can also teach your kids that physical activity can be fun, and is not a chore that you force yourself to do. If you find something that the entire family enjoys doing, you will all begin to look forward to your exercise and continue to do it.


By involving the whole family, you will have exercise partners to whom you are accountable, and you can motivate each other to continue with whatever program you choose. By motivating each other to make healthy lifestyle choices such as exercise, you are showing your love for each other and strengthening your bonds.


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