How Exercise Can Beat Your Obesity Genes

It is a common misconception that what is written in your DNA will rule you forever, but you can fight obesity genes with smart choices in diet and proper exercise. Since weight loss has become something that almost everyone is interested in learning more about, more and more studies are coming out to prove theories based on the topic. One of the latest things that is being tested is whether those with obesity in their genetics can fight it with exercise, and the answer is yes, they can. Though it is true that many people have a harder time processing and burning fat and calories than others, genetics cannot keep you from finding a healthy weight.

Study Statistics

Using the same techniques for a group of people who had an inherent obesity gene, researchers showed that those who exercised dropped their body mass index markers (Public Library of American Science Medicine). Each participant had anywhere from 10 to 13 genetic variants that are known to heighten the possibility of obesity, and some even had as many as 17 variants.

Obesity and Children

Another study done in Europe among adolescents proves that those who carried genes known to cause obesity were no more likely to becoming overweight than those children who did not have the gene. Studies such as these imply that a recommended level of exercise can deteriorate the effect of the gene variant. Results in both studies were similar for girls and boys, puberty did not change the results found and age had no effect, either.

Start Small

All it takes is the simple action of beginning an exercise routine, and after that it becomes second nature. Start out with something small, like walking for an hour or using an elliptical machine for half the time and using the other half an hour to bike. Biking can be done on either a machine or outside on an actual bike. Once you’ve begun to incorporate exercise into your routine it will become easier and easier, and soon you’ll find you might even enjoy it. From there simply add on to your routine, perhaps a few crunches or push ups would do, even adding another hour or half an hour to the amount of time you spend exercising. If simple things like this just aren’t your thing, then you could join a sport. Play something like soccer, football, basketball or any other active sport with your friends. Just the act of exercising will help to overcome the obesity gene.

Though many would like to blame their inability to lose weight on their genes, maintaining a healthy body weight is simply about finding the perfect balance. It is easy to take in too little nutrients, and it is easy to take in too much. Exercise is a key factor in weight loss, and it is a combination of unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles that cause obesity.


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