How Eggplant Water Can Help Weight Loss

If you are bothered by a recent gain of some unwanted pounds, did you know that eggplant water can help weight loss? Shedding a few pounds is easier than you think. It’s a goal that can be met by shedding excess fluid retention, which also relieves that uncomfortable feeling of tummy bloat. Vegetables in general are known as  nature’s “diuretics.” You may recognize that term because you have seen it used to describe “water pills, ” sold in drugstores, which are designed to flush out the body’s excess fluids. Drinking vegetable water can accomplish the same goal, naturally.

Natural foods are beneficial in removing retained fluid. For years, those wanting to just flush out toxins from their bodies for general well-being have tried drinking the excess fluid from greens, beets, carrots or cabbage. Drinking eggplant water is also attracting attention, since it not only works as a diuretic, but is so low-cal and nutritious.

Boil and Save

Eggplant is a popular vegetable with cooks worldwide (known in France and elsewhere as the aubergine). Chinese, French, Italian, Greek and Turkish are just a few of the cuisines that make generous use of this beautiful, tasty vegetable that is easily prepared when roasted, broiled or baked.

What exactly is eggplant water? The water is simply the byproduct of boiling the eggplant. Think of the process as playing opposites. Most of the time you boil your veggies and throw the water away. This time, you are removing the veggie and saving the water.

Here is what to do: wash the eggplant, cut it into small pieces, and boil for about five minutes. When that’s done, let it all cool off. Then, strain all the water out and keep the water. (Rather than discarding the eggplant, though, remember that it’s rich in fiber, folate, niacin and low in calories (only 33 calories for a full cup of diced eggplant). Place the water in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.


How many cups should you drink? An 8-ounce glass of eggplant water daily is often recommended; some eggplant-water enthusiasts claim they thrive on seven to eight glasses a day. The best course of action may be for you to do with what your body feels comfortable. Try a glass a day for starters and adjust upwards as you see fit.

Just remember: by drinking eggplant water as a diet aid, you are not losing fat, even if the scale shows that you are a few pounds lighter. You have just lost fluid, not the fat, and the loss is only temporary. Finally, it is always best to ask your doctor if you have any concerns or questions before beginning any new regimen to lose weight.


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