How Effective Is the Raw Food Diet for Weight Loss?



The raw food diet is less like a fad diet and more like a relief diet. It is taking the body back to the way it was designed to eat. Raw food helps the body naturally lose weight and restore the body to a healthier state.

What Is the Raw Food Diet?

The raw food diet consists of eating food in its natural state. That means, the food is consumed without processing it with any heat above 116 degrees. At that point, food loses it nutrients. When food is cooked, the enzymes that are in the food to benefit health and digestion are destroyed.

Raw Food and Weight Loss

The way the body loses weight is to burn more calories than it consumes. Considering that on the raw food diet the body is taking in 100% nutrients in the form of organic vegetables, fruits and nuts, all of which are low in calories. They can be eaten as much as possible and still would be less than the caloric intake of a regular diet today. That means, with the raw food diet, the recommended daily calories can easily be consumed without the body feeling starved. What is even better is that the weight loss will come without exercise. That’s right, no exercise is needed. However, you should still incorporate regular exercise into your routine to reap its health benefits.

The magical thing about the raw food diet is you will have more energy. The more energy you have, the more you want to get up and exercise, thus benefiting your health even further.

Other Health Benefits of Eating Raw

Weight loss is just a nice effect of the raw food diet, but the real benefits are health related. With the body receiving high nutrients, the effects of eating less processed foods equals less health problems. Food related illnesses will be practically eliminated by consuming a raw food diet. 


Although the raw food lifestyle is one to almost guarantees weight loss, it should not be started drastically. A purposeful effort should be made to introduce the raw way of eating slowly and gradually so that your body does not resist. The body should be allowed the opportunity to recuperate and thus heal at a slow pace. Then and only then will the benefits of eating a raw food meal plan have a long lasting effect on the body.


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