How Effective Is the New Beverly Hills Diet for Weight Loss?

Judy Mazel, the author of the Beverly Hills diet, believes that fat is produced in your body when it tries to digest foods that digest at different speeds. According to her theories, foods that cannot be processed by the body because it is waiting for a longer-digesting food turns directly into fat because it cannot be absorbed by the body. The Beverly Hills diet recommends eating only certain types of foods with each other and contains plans for meals over 35 days.

The New Beverly Hills Diet

Judy Mazel released the Beverly Hills Diet in the 1980s. It fell under scrutiny due to its lack of balance. The new Beverly Hills Diet claims to have solved that problem and offers dieters a weekly balanced diet. The Beverly Hills diet, both versions, operate on these particular rules:

  • Fruits contain all the enzymes needed to break themselves down and can break down in 15-20 minutes, so fruits can be eaten with each other, but not with anything else.
  • Carbohydrates take at least 3 hours to break down in the body and should never be eaten with any fruits or proteins. Carbohydrates, however, can be eaten with fats.
  • Protein takes the longest to break down—a whopping 10 hours—and should be eaten at the end of the day, but only with other proteins. Meals eaten once protein has been consumed must contain at least 80% protein compared to other foods.
  • Champagne is a neutral beverage and can be consumed with anything.

Does it Work?

The Beverly Hills diet, like any fad diet, promises quick short term weight loss. In that area, it does deliver. The diet itself is low calorie and any low calorie diet will help you lose weight in the short term as your body quickly sheds excess weight to enable it to subsist on the low number of calories you give it. However, while it is definitely more balanced than the original Beverly Hills diet, the new Beverly Hills diet is not balanced enough for long term weight loss. There are some days where the only thing on the menu is fruit.

So what’s wrong with the Beverly Hills diet? Plenty. Going beyond the fact that, Judy Mazel—who has absolutely no nutritional or medical experience—has created a diet that has no foundation in scientific evidence, this diet does not help teach you what you need to know to sustain long term weight loss. The fact of the matter is that you need a balanced diet mixed with plenty of activity and exercise to lose healthy weight and be able to keep it off. The Beverly Hills diet doesn’t even recommend exercise in its plan.

While it’s true that you will lose weight while on the Beverly Hills diet, this is only an illusion. The pounds are sure to reappear once you are no longer on the diet.


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