How Effective Is the L.A. Shape Diet for Weight Loss?

The L.A. shape diet is a low-calorie, high-protein diet that is to be followed over the course of 14 days. It is designed to help you lose weight by customizing a diet based on your body shape. However, does this diet really work for weight loss? Let’s take a quick look at this diet and see how effective it really is for dieters trying to lose weight.

The Diet

According to the creator of the L.A. shape diet, there are 2 body types: the apple shape and the pear shape. Apple shaped dieters are those who have excess fat in the area of the waist while the pear shape dieters have excess weight in their hips. Based on your body shape, the L.A. shape diet recommends a low 1100 calorie diet with approximately 29% protein, 20% fat and 51% carbohydrates. It does this by recommending specially made protein shakes for breakfast and lunch, followed by a dinner consisting of lean meat, salad and fruit. The L.A. shape diet also recommends exercise and nutritional supplements in addition to diet.

Anytime you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. By going with that definition, you will certainly lose weight. The body burns around 2000 calories each day, give or take based on your height, weight and gender. With a diet of only 1100 calories, the L.A. shape diet has the beginnings of helping you lose weight.

However, like many diets, while there is some truth to the claims the L.A. shape diet makes, it is never all that simple. The L.A. shape diet claims that by consuming high amounts of proteins in the form of shakes that you will be able to build lean muscle on your body to help burn for calories. So here’s where they get it right.

Muscle Mass

Lean muscle does help you burn more calories. Muscle burns calories just by sitting there, even if you’re not working it. So more muscle means more calories burned. Secondly, protein is a key component in building new muscle. You can’t build new muscle without protein. However, here’s where the L.A. shape diet goes wrong.

Whenever you eat fewer than 1200 calories a day, the body goes into starvation mode. It panics when it realizes that more food is not coming, and therefore stockpiles all the calories it can. It does this by slowing down your metabolism and storing excess amounts of fat. So how does it slow your metabolism? The easiest way for it to do that is by burning those expensive-to-maintain muscles instead of the fat. So the L.A. shape diet will actually end up doing the reverse of what it claims. You’ll actually lose muscle mass instead of gaining it!

The secret to long-term weight loss is actually a combination of a balanced diet with plenty of activity and exercise. Any diet that asks you to limit your calories below 1200 a day and has you take supplements to make up for nutritional deficiencies is not going to help you in the long run.


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