How Effective Is the Fast Food Diet for Weight Loss?

The Fast Food Diet is geared towards people who have an extremely busy lifestyle and don’t have time to prepare their own nutritious meals. This six-week eating plan was designed by cardiologist, Stephen Sinatra MD, who realizes it is not realistic for everyone to put a lot of time and effort into their diets. Therefore, he devised this convenient diet which allows you to eat fast food and still lose weight. Don’t get excited yet; French fries and milk shakes are not allowed on the Fast Food Diet, and super-sizing your meal is not an option!

How the Diet Works

According to Sinatra, people are going to continue eating fast food, regardless of what they’re told, as it tastes good, is affordable and is extremely convenient (especially when trying to fit a meal into a jam packed schedule). Therefore, it is important that everyone makes the right choices when turning to fast food for nutrition. The foods allowed on this diet include:

  • Grilled chicken sandwiches
  • Junior burgers
  • Fruit Parfaits
  • Chili
  • Junior burgers
  • Salads (provided they’re not covered with fried chicken, cheese and ranch dressing)

On this diet, you are only allowed to consume 1500 calories a day, and you are encouraged to engage in at least a mile of walking. By cutting 250 calories from your usual calorie allotment and putting forth an hour of physical activity, Sinatra claims you will lose a pound a week.

Making the Right Choices

The reason you are expected to lose weight on this eating plan, even though you are frequently consuming fast food, is because you are making all the right choices and saving yourself a great deal of calories. For instance, by drinking water with lemon or non-flavored ice tea instead of soda, you can cut 310 calories from your meal. By leaving mayonnaise and other fatty sauces off your sandwich or burger, you knock off another 170 calories. If your salad dressing is oil and not cream based, there goes another 130 calories. You will also save a tremendous amount of calories by choosing grilled foods over fried foods (which are not allowed on this diet). These cut calories all add up, facilitating your weight loss efforts.

Losing Weight on the Fast Food Diet

While it might be possible to realistically lose weight by eating fast food, this is not the healthiest diet on the market. You should only consider this diet if your schedule absolutely won’t permit you the time to prepare your own meals. The problem with fast food is that you never really know what’s going into your food, what it’s cooked in, how long it’s been sitting out, etc.

As a general diet rule, you should always prepare your own food when time allows you to, and only turn to a Fast Food restaurant when needed. However, if you must resort to fast food, make sure what you order complies with the guidelines set forth in the Fast Food Diet. When you need a fast food fixing, the basics of this diet can help you stay on track to reaching your weight-loss goals.


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