How Effective Is the Egg Diet for Weight Loss?

The egg diet has become a popular method of weight loss ever since celebrities like Adrian Brody used it to help them shed off pounds for upcoming roles. Although some people would like to consider it as just a fad diet, others think that egg diet may in fact be a legit way of losing weight. Advocates point out that an egg diet promotes a more balanced consumption as opposed to previous fad diets. Critics, however, point out that consumption of too many eggs can raise cholesterol levels and cause health complications.

There are many contentions to the egg diet. The debate, up until now, has not yet ceased. Many supporters claim that there is no direct link to egg diet and health problems. Nonetheless, the decision is up to individuals who are interested in trying such an eating plan. Just like in any diet, moderation and proper execution are crucial to effectiveness and encouraging results.

How It Works

The contention that the egg diet is just a fad comes from the fact there has been so many versions of it. However, the people pushing for the egg diet argue that this kind of diet has a solid foundation and a specific set of principles. The kind of egg diet used by some Hollywood celebrities did not exactly draw on nutrient-deficient meals or dangerously low calorie eating programs. The problem surfaced when people began uploading their own and altered versions of the egg diet. Basically, the following egg diet program is considered as the “original” version of it:

  • Breakfast: Two or more eggs, lean protein of choice and a slice of grapefruit. It’s important to refrain from eating carbs such as bagels, toast and similar products.
  • Lunch: Similar serving of eggs plus vegetables low in carbohydrates and lean protein. It’s possible to eat fruit but make sure that only a small amount would be consumed.
  • Dinner: The choice is between lean protein and another serving of eggs. Partner the protein or eggs with vegetables (low carb) and salad.

In some cases, the diet recommends the grapefruit and egg pair if other food products are not available.


The effectiveness of egg diet is seen in the way it promotes the consumption of meals low in calories. As established knowledge denotes, consuming calories lower than the standard daily intake can encourage weight loss. The egg diet is a high protein and low calorie type of diet. Consequently, it’s safe to say that in terms of calories, the egg diet definitely promotes weight loss.

Eggs also tend to take up a considerable amount of space in the stomach. This helps the dieter feel full without having to consume much. However, it is strongly recommended that the diet be followed strictly. Eating snacks here and there that are not part of the diet will definitely impede the weight loss effects. For more encouraging results, the egg and grapefruit combination is also highly recommended. The weight loss effects ultimately rely on the discipline of the individual along with her devotion to weight loss.


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