How Effective Is the Change One Diet for Weight Loss?

The change one diet is a plan designed by the people at Reader’s Digest to help dieters lose weight by making lifestyle changes one week at a time. The first week focuses on making changes to breakfast, and each subsequent week makes some other lifestyle change designed to help you lose weight and feel healthier.

How Does the Change One Diet Work?

Starting with week one, each week on the diet plan asks you to make a lifestyle change. The diet itself uses the USDA food pyramid as a guideline to how much of each type of food you should be eating. The breakdown of foods in the change one diet is as follows:

  • Calories totaling around 1300 to 1600
  • No more than 30 to 35 percent of total fat calories
  • No more than 10 percent of calories from saturated of trans fats
  • At least 25 g of fiber
  • Around 1000 mg of calcium
  • At least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables

Breakdown of the Change One Diet Plan

The change one diet helps you make sweeping lifestyle changes by only asking you to work on one at a time. Each week changes one more thing about your diet and lifestyle to help you lose weight. A quick breakdown of the change one diet looks like this:

  • Week 1 asks you to make changes to your breakfast. It suggests foods that are high in fiber that are also starchy and full of calcium. It also recommends a healthy amount of fruit.
  • Week 2 asks you to make changes to your lunch, suggesting small portions that are also filling.
  • Week 3 asks you to make changes in snacks, encouraging you to snack twice a day to help keep you from binging during meals.
  • Week 4 asks you to make changes to your dinner. It helps show you how to make dinner leaner in fat and flavorful without adding a lot of extra calories.
  • Week 5 teaches you how to eat out while remaining on your diet.
  • Week 6 educates you about eating healthy even on weekends and holidays.
  • Week 7 offers advice on how to shop smart and keep your cupboards stocked with foods designed to help rather than hurt your goals.
  • Week 8 helps you take a step back and reflect on the changes you’ve made.
  • Week 9 gives you tools for stress relief to help stop stress eating.
  • Week 10 gives you tips on how to make a more active lifestyle.
  • Week 11 offers tools to help you keep better track of your habits to prevent backsliding.
  • Week 12 gives you the tools to help sustain your new lifestyle over a long term period.

Does the Change One Diet Plan Work for Weight Loss?

Unlike fad diets, the change one diet teaches you not only healthy eating habits, but encourages a more active lifestyle—both which are important factors in long term weight loss and health. While the low calorie content may be too low for overweight or active dieters, this diet can help most people lose weight and keep it off.


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