How Effective Is the Bridal Bootcamp Diet for Weight Loss?

Bridal Bootcamp is a military style fitness program that was started by Cynthia Conde. She is a celebrity trainer that created this program to get brides-to-be in shape before they walk down the aisle. These programs are taught by Cynthia and her team and she is located in the New York City area. Due to the huge success of this fitness program, many others have copied this program and classes similar to Cynthia’s can be found all over the country.

Cynthia Conde is a trainer who has been working with celebrity clients for 15 years. Her idea for a bootcamp for brides-to-be began back in 2001. She helped a client of hers lose 100 pounds before her wedding day. She has also authored a book based on the Bridal Bootcamp concept and that book can be purchased at any bookstore.

The Program

The program is broken into two levels. Each level is intense and challenging, but there are trainers working with you to achieve the results you are looking for.

Level 1

Level 1 is called “The Tour of Duty Jump Start Program.”  This is where the weight loss program is started.  A military style fitness routine is implemented and is designed to burn fat fast.  Each of these sessions are intense and can be very challenging, especially in the beginning.  When you sign up for Level 1, you can either do the 6-week program where you attend four 1-hour sessions or you can sign up for the 8-week program where you attend three 1-hour sessions a week.

Level 2

This level has its own system of training called “Treadbox.”  In this training system, the participants use their own body weight to build strength, increase stamina and to develop a lean and fit body.  This program is slightly different for each participant so they are able to meet their individual weight loss and fitness goals.  Also during this level, participants are taught these techniques they can use in their everyday lives once the bootcamp session is over.  Level 2 of Bridal Bootcamp takes place 3 times a week for 6 weeks.

To make sure that each participant is getting the most out of her training, in addition to the fitness program, a custom nutrition plan is created. There are also weekly weigh ins and biweekly body fat measurements.  When you sign up for the program, you have a trainer there helping you the entire way, a fitness plan created for you and a nutrition plan customized to your lifestyle.  All of the tools are there for you and the potential to lose weight and transform your body is a major way is there. This is a tough and challenging program, but if the time and effort is put in, results will be seen.


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