How Effective Is the Bread for Life Diet for Weight Loss?


With many low-carb diets today telling us that carbohydrates make us fat, the bread for life diet may not make any sense to you. The bread for life diet recommends eating 12 slices of bread a day for women and claims that by doing so, you will lose weight. So how does the bread for life diet help you lose weight and is it effective? Let’s take a look at the diet and it claims and see if they hold up.

The Diet

The bread for life diet is simple and straightforward: eat several slices of bread a day, with a thin layer of low-fat or no-fat spread. The diet is broken up into two sections. The first section lasts for just 2 weeks and is not recommended for any longer. During these 2 weeks, you eat 12 slices of bread a day if you’re a woman and 16 slices of bread a day if you’re a man. You can have a small serving of meat 3 times a week during this time and spread a thin layer of a low-fat or no-fat spread.

The second half of the diet is less restrictive. You can eat meat 5 times during the week, as long as you eat less bread on the days you eat meat. You can also substitute bread for other types of whole grain foods, such as brown rice and pastas.

During both halves of the diet, you are allowed unlimited amounts of fruits and vegetables, although you should limit fruit intake. Additionally, all breads should be high in fiber and lower in calories—around 30 to 45 calories a slice.

The Claims

The bread for life diet claims that bread is a comfort food and is the most satisfying food you can eat. Eating bread, according to the claim, raises your serotonin levels, in turn making you feel good and feel satisfied. The claim states that if you feel satisfied, you will be unlikely to have cravings and overeat.

The bread for life diet makes that claim that 15% of dieters who follow it will keep off their lost weight. If that seems like a small number, they then claim that this differs from most other diets which only has about a 5% success rate.

But statistics don’t really tell you all that much. If the claims about this diet are true, and it helps to curve your cravings for food that is bad for you, you may very well lose weight. The breads that are recommended are low calorie and high fiber, and will help you feel full without packing on a lot of calories. Both of these can help you lose weight by assisting you into not overeating.

The Verdict

However, while some cravings may occur for some people when they don’t feel satisfied, not all cravings come from poor feelings. Some cravings come from a lack of nutrients, which this diet may also deprive you of. This could lead to cravings that may take you from the diet. Like many fad diets, this diet does not teach you the skills you need for proper long term weight loss.


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