How Effective Is the Body for Life Diet for Weight Loss?

The Body For Life Diet, created by Bill Phillips, is a 12-week program that combines a food plan, exercise routine and mental strategy to help you change your body. This 12-week plan is designed to help you obtain a lean and healthy body. Body For Life is an effective diet that helps individuals reduce their risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol and build a stronger body. 

When following the Body For Life Diet, individuals are advised to complete 20 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week, complete three intense weight-training workouts a week and follow a meal plan that has you eating six small meals a day.  When on this diet, you will eat a portion of protein, a portion of carbohydrates and at least one portion of vegetables at each meal.  While this diet provides a sensible eating plan combined with an extensive workout routine, you may wonder how effective it is for weight loss. Below are several examples that support the effectiveness of this diet.

Example #1

As an example of the effectiveness of Body For Life, Phillips discusses how a man who weighed 230 pounds and was suffering from the HIV virus transformed his life. This individual stuck with the nutritional program and exercise routine created by Phillips and managed to transform himself into a competitor in a body building competition. This individual credited his transformation to the low fat, healthy foods that he ate while on the Body For Life diet, such as vegetables, fruit, chicken and potatoes. The man stated that the Body For Life Diet allowed for him to maintain a high-level of energy and obtain all his necessary nutrients while still following a calorically restricted diet.

Example #2

Describing a 33-year-old mother of 2 who had recently gone through a divorce, Phillips shows how a mother was able to fit the Body For Life Diet into her busy schedule. Within 3 months, this woman lost 21 pounds of fat and was back in bikini shape.

Example #3

A married couple with four children decided to follow the Body For Life Diet to help transform their bodies. Both began the diet with little energy. The couple did not follow a very healthy diet, exercise and felt they did not have time to workout and overhaul their eating habits. Almost immediately, the couple began to see changes in their bodies, specifically with their energy levels. Additionally, because they ate six small meals a day, neither individual ever felt hungry when on the Body For Life Diet. After 12 weeks on the Body For Life Diet, this couple managed to lose a total of nearly 100 pounds of fat. In addition to losing this weight, they grained strength, energy and muscle tone.

Following the Body For Life Diet will help you change your body from the inside out. This diet does not just focus on losing weight, but instead it teaches people how to overhaul their entire life. By making healthy adjustments to your eating and fitness routine, you will be able to permanently lose weight.


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