How Effective Is the Bistro MD Diet Delivery for Weight Loss?

If you hate to cook healthy food, now you don’t have to with the Bistro MD diet plan. Every week, the experts at Bistro MD provide their customers with a healthy eating plan to cater toward their schedule. If you like to eat your own healthy snacks then pay for only the main meals to be delivered. There is a wide range of options available at Bistro MD.

Dr. Caroline Cederquist created Bistro MD. She is certified in medical weight management (bariatrics), and trained at the University of Miami. She devised Bistro MD after many of her patients complained of the low quality frozen diet foods currently available in the market.

The average daily caloric intake is just 1,200 calories, much less than the normal healthy calorie intake of 2,000 calories, which experts state women should maintain for good health.

Positives and Negatives

  • Positive. It is easy to lose weight when others cook for you. The meals are full of nutrients because they are prepared fresh by a chef and then delivered to you in packets ready to reheat.
  • Negative. Without exercise, the metabolism may lower because of the low calorie intake. Over the long term, the muscle mass may reduce because when the body is starved, the body has no option but to dip into essential protein contained in the muscle mass.
  • Negative. The plan is expensive. The meal plans per week start from $130.
  • Positive. There are four options available with or without snacks. Each of the plans include a weekly program guide to follow, and it also gives you access to nutritional experts.
  • Positive. Bistro MD uses a color-coded system that rotates the meals every six weeks.
  • Negative. Customized menus do not have a choice of options.
  • Positive. Can easily be ordered via the official website or over the phone.
  • Negative. They even charge you for delivery of the meals.
  • Positive. The food from Bistro MD is sent in insulated coolers to keep the food fresh.
  • Positive. Fast healthy meals. Microwave or simmer the packet in a hot pan before eating.
  • Positive. The meals can be frozen.

Long Term and Short Term

If you have no idea what the nutrient or calorific content is contained in foods, bistro md takes all the hard work out and delivers you nutrient packed food that is low in calories and fat. But it is also expensive to follow over the long term. If you hate grocery shopping and preparing tasty meals, bistro md is perfect. When you know exactly how many calories the body is absorbing daily it is impossible not to lose weight with bistro md. Over the short term, bistro md will work.

Over the long term, the low calorie meals may cause more trouble than they are worth: a lowered metabolism because the body feels starved; and a reduction in muscle mass. If you want to follow the Bistro MD plan, it is beneficial to engage in regular exercise as well.


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