How Effective Is the Biggest Loser Club for Weight Loss?

The biggest loser club is basically a web-based community that includes expert nutritional and exercise support. It was developed after the early success of the reality show called “The Biggest Loser” in hopes that it would inspire and help people at home to lose weight and get in shape. It costs about ten dollars a month to join the club, but at times there is a special that gets you 3 free books. The 3 books include a recipe book, a workout book, and a general book with pictures and stories from the show.

The Basic Premise

The biggest loser club strives to help people lose weight faster, more safely, and with more progress on fitness and exercise. It doesn’t say how fast you’ll lose weight but it does tell you how fast others lose weight. The things they stress in the club is that you’ll get expert advice and support from other people from experts to other members. The experts are people who are well-trained in nutrition and exercise and will answer your questions online. They will help you develop a caloric intake plan and can give menu and exercise ideas. There are ways to track your progress and to create a support group of friends you can chat with or create competitions with.

Using the Biggest Loser Club

How much you get out of the club depends on how much you use it. Reading the books and visiting the site every day are key. It’s good to create a friends network and really asking the experts your questions. They will actually get back to you. Follow the menu and exercise plans as closely as you possibly can.

By joining the club, you get more advice for less money than you’d normally pay. The experts are very experienced nutritionists and trainers and really dedicate the time to helping the members. The online friends you make can really help you stay motivated. It will also encourage you to be a motivator and encourager to others, and research shows that this is a key feature of success in an endeavor.

The main problem with the biggest loser club is that you may start comparing yourself to other members and their weight loss. You also might not like the menu plans as they are sort of generic foods versus health foods or geared toward gluten and dairy free.

The Verdict

Joining the biggest loser club can definitely help you lose weight. It can give you added support and many ideas for recipes and exercises. How much weight you lose depends on many factors, and joining the club is just one of them.



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