How Effective Is the Beverly Hills Diet for Weight Loss?


The Beverly Hills Diet, designed by Judy Mazel, is a 35-day weight loss plan that claims that people gain weight due to lack of proper enzymatic production, which slows digestion.

The Basics

Although there is no calorie counting and no portion control, the Beverly Hills Diet claims you can lose weight quickly–up to 15 pounds in 35 days–simply by understanding how to combine foods. The principle is that slowed digestion and combining certain types of foods, not eating too much, is what makes you fat. In theory, according to Mazel, if your body eliminates what it doesn’t need properly and utilizes nutrients efficiently by stepping up enzyme production, your body processes food more effectively. Therefore, you won’t gain weight.

The cornerstone of the Beverly Hills Diet is something called “conscious combining”. By eating food in the right combinations, your body has less to store, which prevents weight gain. Using conscious combining, you never mix proteins with carbs, never mix fruit with any other food, and never mix fat with fruit.

The Beverly Hills Diet divides all food into three categories.

  • Carbohydrates: all food aside from protein. Fruits fall into a separate group of carbohydrates because they are digested quickly.
  • Protein: meat, dairy and vegetable protein.
  • Fats: Avoid saturated and trans fats which can make digestion sluggish.

Mazel claims that at 5-foot-4 inches in height, she has been able to maintain her weight at 108 pounds over 19 years following the principles of her diet. In the book, there are numerous testimonials from satisfied dieters using the Beverly Hills Diet.

If you follow the Beverly Hills Diet exactly as prescribed, it is possible to lose weight quickly. How effective the diet is depends on several factors. The biggest hurdle may be whether you can stick with it. The eating plan is repetitive, limited and can be difficult to follow.


If your normal eating habits don’t provide enough fruits and vegetables in your diet, this eating plan will certainly change that for as long as you follow it. You can lose weight quickly, so it might be worth trying if you have a little weight to lose for a special occasion.


The Beverly Hills Diet is not a great diet to follow out of season. Much of what you eat comprises late-spring and summer fruits. This is not a good diet if you’re diabetic, it would be best to check with your doctor before beginning.

Many report feeling constantly hungry and irritable while following the Beverly Hills Diet. There are no restrictions as to portions, so whenever you feel hungry, you can eat as much as you like, however, the food you eat could cause upset stomach and digestive distress.

The Beverly Hills Diet is effective for weight loss because it is a low calorie diet. However, the types of food you eat, even if you eat quite a lot, may not supply your body with enough calories to function properly and may not provide proper nutrition.


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