How Effective Is the Best Life Diet for Weight Loss?

The Best Life Diet is more of a lifestyle change, with an emphasis on healthy eating and increased physical activity. The Best Life Diet, when followed correctly, is an effective and safe way to improve fitness level and lose weight. Far from being a temporary fix, this plan aims to transform your old diet and exercise habits into better habits that can be followed for a lifetime.

Things to Eat

The Best Life Diet is different from other plans in that there is absolutely no calorie counting. The plan encourages dieters to watch their portion sizes and make wiser food choices. This plan is especially effective for those who have a hard time adhering to a traditional “diet”, because it allows for the occasional splurge (in the third phase of the program, a certain number of “anything goes” calories are allowed).

The plan allows people to enjoy a wide selection of healthy foods, while gradually eliminating the not-so-healthy choices like fried foods, white bread, regular soda and full-fat dairy. These are phased out and they are replaced with better options like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. Weekly eating plans are available to make the process even simpler.

The Process

The goal behind the Best Life diet is for you to improve your life by gaining control over your weight and your eating. Stricter diet plans are usually a recipe for failure and disappointment, but the Best Life Diet sets you up for success by taking small steps. Here is how it works:

During Phase One, you gradually step up your exercise program and revamp your eating habits. Eat three meals and one snack per day, and stop all eating two hours before you go to bed. Cut all alcohol from your diet, drink plenty of water, and take a daily multivitamin. If you need it, take a calcium and an omega-3 supplement as well. The plan’s meal and snack ideas make it easy to eat healthy while not sacrificing taste.

Phase Two runs for no less than four weeks, and it takes a more aggressive approach to weight loss. Physical activity and food choice is key in this phase, because you are building upon the changes you made in Phase One. Portion control, weekly weigh-ins and curbing emotional eating all play a role in this phase of the Best Life Diet.

Phase Three is the phase you will be following for the rest of your life. Here, you will focus on eliminating unhealthy foods and learn to make more healthy choices. However, Phase Three allows the occasional treat with its “anything goes” calorie allotment. If you further increase your exercise, you are allowed even more “anything goes” calories in the third phase.

The Verdict

The Best Life Diet is effective because it is based on science and common sense. While its flexible approach is perfect for those that want to take the slow and steady approach to weight loss, the Best Life Diet is not for those who are looking for a quick fix. If you are tired of gimmicks and just want a simple and effective weight loss plan, then this diet is for you.


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