How Effective Is the Banana Diet for Weight Loss?

After Kumiko Mori proclaimed that she had lost 15 lbs. on the banana diet, it became so popular in Japan that it resulted in a nationwide shortage of bananas. Since then the diet has been popularized on the Internet, TV shows, in magazines and by word of mouth. The creators of the diet, Hitoshi and Sumiko Watanabe, also wrote a book to help others understand what the diet is all about. The banana diet is simple and very effective in helping you to achieve your weight loss goals.

What is the Banana Diet?

There are only a few rules to follow on the banana diet, which makes this diet so appealing to many. The most important rule to follow is to eat only bananas for breakfast. There is no rule to limit the amount you can eat, but instead you are encouraged to eat until you feel full. You should also drink at least 1 or 2 glasses of room temperature water along with your morning bananas, and continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day. 

You are allowed to have one sweet snack in the afternoon, and you decide what it will be. If you are craving chocolate or ice cream, you are allowed to have it without feeling any guilt. For lunch and dinner you may eat anything you like, as long as you drink water with your meal and stop eating when you are about 80 percent full. You should have your dinner before 8 p.m., and afterwards you should not have desert, dairy or alcohol. Additionally, you should be in bed before midnight to help you get lots of rest.

How do Bananas Help with Weight Loss?

Bananas are loaded with lots of nutrients and enzymes which help you to digest your foods, speed up your metabolism and give you more energy throughout your day. They do not contain high amounts of fiber, but the fiber which they do contain tend to bulk in the stomach after consumption. This makes you feel full longer. Therefore, snacking on bananas throughout the day will help you to satisfy your hunger and stop your cravings for sugary or fatty foods.

There really is nothing magical about the banana diet that helps you to lose weight, as it will take hard work and dedication just as with any other diet. Even though the diet itself does not overly encourage healthy meals or exercise, you should take it upon yourself to plan healthier meals and engage in light exercise.

How Effective is it?

The banana diet is very effective for weight loss as you can lose as much weight as you need. And the longer you are on the diet, the more you will lose. Depending on your eating habits and the amount of exercise you engage in, you can lose up to half a pound or more a day. 

The long term effects of the banana diet will depend on whether you continue to exercise and eat healthy. Just like with any other diet, if old habits are brought back, the weight will also come back. You don’t have to continue with the bananas, but you should stick with a healthy diet.


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