How Effective Is the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet for Weight Loss?

Many people wonder how effective the apple cider vinegar diet is for weight loss. It has been long held as a treatment for better circulatory health and a weight loss aid. This is actually an incredibly safe supplement, and many even give it to their kids. Basically, apple cider vinegar is obtained by fermenting apple juice. Once the fermentation happens, it provides an alcoholic apple cider – this is then combined with oxygen, which makes acetic acid. Generally, it is found that the pH levels of apple cider vinegar are very beneficial to the body as a whole, not just as a weight loss aid.

Nutrient Properties

Nutrient-rich apple cider vinegar is a valid weight loss supplement because it contains many minerals and vitamins. The list of vitamins is quite extensive, containing vitamins E, A, P, B 1, 2 and 6, as well as minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, sulfer, copper and phosphorus. However, it also has chlorine, fluorine, silicon, as well as amino acids, enzymes, aldehydes, potash, priopionic acid and apple pectin. There are actually over ninety beneficial substances in apple cider vinegar that do make it a very health conscious choice for those looking to either supplement or use it as a healthy weight loss aid.

How It Is Used

The typical way, and some say best way of using apple cider vinegar, is to ingest raw apple cider vinegar. This means the apple cider vinegar has not been distilled, filtered or pasteurized. This is because the extra processing will often destroy the beneficial nutrients found in the apple cider vinegar, rendering it pretty much useless. Raw apple cider vinegar looks a little unappealing, but actually it is this look that is the most healthful. The goopy, cloudy stuff in the apple cider vinegar is known as the ‘mother’ and this is where many of the benefits are found.

Only one or two tablespoons per glass of water is all that’s needed. Taken before each meal, it can often help to add a little raw honey into the mix to make the taste more palatable. For some, it helps to take it in icy cold water, others recommend using luke warm water.

The way that it works is still yet unknown, but most believe that it works by helping to balance the body’s nutrient stores and prevent starvation mode. Also, it works as an effective appetite suppressant, as well as increasing the body’s own metabolism. Some of the better documented cases of using apple cider vinegar have shown a great deal of promise for this particular way of losing weight.


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