How Effective Is the Alternate Day Diet for Weight Loss?

Dr. James Johnson designed a less stressful diet known as the Alternate Day Diet. It can be very challenging for you to commit to losing weight and eating fewer calories to reach your ideal weight loss. Some people have a hard time following a strict dieting routine, and will sometimes lose motivation if the struggle is too great. The Alternate Day Diet presents an easier approach that dieters can embrace. With this diet, there is no limit to the quantities of food that you can consume, and you can eat any kind of food you desire, while you fast every other day.

Facts About The Alternate Day Diet

The Alternate Day Diet is an innovative concept that is effective in helping people achieve weight loss. This weight loss program is based on the alternate day calorie restriction theory that was conducted in animal studies. This theory suggested that when calorie intake is limited every other day, the “skinny gene” (SIRT1) is created, and this enables weight loss. Dr. Johnson used this concept when he designed the Alternate Day Diet. He discovered that the same weight loss side effects occurred in human beings, including diminished inflammation in the body, increased energy levels, a reduction in radical stress and an improvement of insulin resistance.

How Much Should You Eat

Fat loss is evident in the Alternate Day Diet because you can have an easier time eliminating feelings of hunger and losing weight at the same time. On days that you are allowed to eat whatever foods of your choice, it is not necessary or required that you stuff yourself. You should only eat in a normal fashion until you are satisfied. In order to retain your weight loss, it is necessary to stay on this diet long term.


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