How Effective Is the Acid Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss?

All foods leave a residue in your body after they are metabolized. Alkalizing foods will create an alkalized environment, and acidic foods cause an unhealthy acidic environment. The acid alkaline diet helps to put a balance between the two foods so that your pH levels in your blood will also be balanced. This ensures for better health of the body, and allows you to lose weight and keep it off.

The diet does not restrict any foods, but it does restrict the portions of acidic foods. Plus, it encourages you to eat lots of alkalizing foods. 

Alkaline and Acidic Foods

The acid alkaline diet encourages you to eat 75 to 80 percent alkaline foods so that your body can begin to heal itself. These are fruits and vegetables, as well as herbs, nuts and seeds. The best way to consume these foods is in their raw state, as cooking will destroy a lot of nutrients and cause some to become acidic.

Acidic foods are animal products, processed foods, and foods that are high in sugar. Your diet should not contain more than 20 to 25 percent of these foods.

Negative Effects of Acidic Foods

Too much acid has a very negative effect on the body and can cause many diseases. Your body was not designed to eliminate high amounts of acids, and as a result they accumulate in your body. The acids are poisonous to the body and therefore it has to find a way to protect itself from those acids. In doing so, it stores them in pockets of fat throughout the body.

The body also has to protect the organs from those acids. Therefore, it stores an extra supply of fat in order to carry those acids away from the organs so they can continue to function properly. All these extra fat cells are what causes unhealthy weight gain.

How Effective is the Acid Alkaline Diet?

The acid alkaline diet is very effective for weight loss and can help you to lose as much weight as you want. This is because the alkaline helps to reduce and eliminate the acids in to body. Since the body no longer has to store extra acids all those fat cells will be removed from the body. Plus, your body no longer needs fatty cells to carry the acids away from organs, and thus all those fat cells are also eliminated from the body. 

Another way the acid alkaline diet helps you to lose weight is by restoring oxygen back into your cells. Oxygen is important if you want to burn fat cells, as it helps to speed up your metabolism allowing you to burn more fat cells.

When you begin your acid alkaline diet you can begin to lose weight almost immediately, as the alkalizing foods will go to work immediately to restore a healthy balance in your blood. However, the acid alkaline diet is only effective as long as you stick with it, so you should seek to make permanent changes in your diet to help you stay on it for life.


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