How Effective Is the 3 Hour Diet for Losing Weight?

If you watch daytime TV, then you may have heard of the 3 hour diet by Jorge Cruise. This diet has gotten quite a bit of press and debate on whether or not it is effective for weight loss. So what’s the truth of the matter? Here is a sort guide regarding the 3 hour diet and its effectiveness for weight loss.

The Premise

So how does the 3 hour diet work? The premise of the diet is to eat every 3 hours and make sure to quit eating 3 hours before bedtime. Always eat breakfast within an hour of waking up, and eat small portion-controlled meals. The 3 hour diet doesn’t forbid any food—even fast food—and even encourages a treat at the end of the day.

How Does It Work?

The claim of the 3 hour diet is that by eating every 3 hours, it keeps your body from going into starvation mode. When in starvation mode, your body panics and slows down your metabolism. It does this by destroying muscle tissue, which burns more calories than fat. In addition, it begins to store more fat because it doesn’t think more food is coming. By eating every 3 hours, so goes the claim, you can reassure your body that food is still plentiful.

Is the 3 Hour Diet Effective for Weight Loss?

For some people, eating smaller more frequent meals is an excellent tool for managing their weight. By eating more often in the day, you can keep from becoming too hungry and overindulging during your next meal. It helps to stabilize your blood sugar, so you don’t start having cravings that cause you to overeat.

However, this technique doesn’t work for all people. The claim that your metabolism is restarted by eating every 3 hours has no basis in science and for some people, eating more meals just means more chances to overindulge. If you find yourself eating more than you should every time you sit down to eat, you’ll discover that you actually gain weight by using the 3 hour diet.

In addition, the 3 hour diet doesn’t have an exercise program associated with it. In fact, one of the selling points is that you can lose weight without exercise. However, exercise is an important component of any long term weight loss strategy. Without learning good exercise habits early on, you may end up regaining any weight lost on the 3 hour diet once you resume normal eating habits.

What to Do Instead

If you can control your portions and are able to keep to such a rigid schedule of eating, you can use the 3 hour diet as an effective tool for weight loss. If you do follow this diet, make sure that you eat a healthy, balanced diet and add an exercise regimen to your lifestyle. These are the components that you need if you want to keep off the weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, if you believe that eating 5 or 6 times a day will just be more chances to overeat, you may be better off with a different lifestyle approach. Every person is different, and there is no single one-size-fits-all diet.


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