How Effective Is the 3 Day Diet for Weight Loss?

The 3 day diet is one of the many fad diets that have been around for years. There isn’t a book or study to back up claims of weight loss or effectiveness of the diet, but that doesn’t stop people from researching and attempting to lose weight using this plan. During the 3 day period that you choose, you’re limited to eating certain foods in small quantities. The claim is that these foods work together to create a metabolic reaction leading to rapid weight loss. Rumor has it that you can expect to lose 10 pounds in 3 days if you follow this plan exactly, and you can repeat the diet as often as you wish. It’s important to return to a habit of normal eating, for at least 4 days after the 3 diet days are complete, to avoid slowing your metabolism. Starving the metabolism creates a reverse effect by signaling the body to store fat at an even more rapid rate. 

Permanent Weight Loss

The 3 day diet doesn’t work for permanent weight loss. While you may very well succeed at losing 10 pounds in 3 days, it’s likely that most of this will be water weight and not the reduction of the actual pockets of fat contained within your body. Additionally, if you experience problems with your weight, it’s likely due to poor eating habits. Reverting to your normal eating habits after the diet is complete sends your body mixed messages, creating confusion in the digestive system and metabolism.

The only way to achieve permanent weight loss is to change your eating habits by removing foods that are unhealthy and toxic, and participating in some form of exercise. Over time, the body will stabilize and revert back to a healthy flow of storing necessary fats, utilizing healthy calories and properly releasing toxins created by other situations in your life and environment.

Dangers of the 3 Day Diet

When you lose weight rapidly, such is with the case of the 3 day diet, your body experiences a type of shock. Keep in mind the amount of processes that go on every second inside your system. Fluids are being exchanged and converted, muscles are working, blood is flowing and fats are being burned with movement. Starving this system of proper nutrients, whether through unhealthy eating in general or limited amounts of food such as with this diet, doesn’t promote proper functionality within the system. Attempting to trick your body into shedding pounds will not work. You must learn to work with your body and reward it’s hard work with appropriate vitamins and nutrients. Additionally, rapid weight loss can weaken the immune system, leaving you susceptible to other infections and disease.


Dieting in general is difficult. Choosing a fad diet plan, like the 3 day diet, is not only difficult, but unhealthy as well. Resolve to stop making unhealthy choices and change your eating habits slowly. Reduce or cut out one or more unhealthy choices per week, and concentrate less on the numbers on the scale. Over time, you’re body will feel better and begin to respond by dropping pounds and toning up, and you’ll feel proud of the permanent changes.


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