How Eating Healthy as a Family Can Help Your Diet

There are reasons why healthy eating as a family can benefit your diet. Sitting down together and eating healthy foods keeps you on track and promotes better eating habits in your kids. Cook fresh vegetables, lean meats and offer healthier alternatives for dessert. Skip the urge to order out when schedules are hectic and busy. Also find new ways to cook vegetables so that your kids won’t mind digging in.

Find New Recipes

It is easy to get into the habit of cooking the same things one or two times a week. Most of the easiest things to cook are high in calories and fat. Search the Internet for healthy chicken and side dish recipes. If your children absolutely abhor anything green, try to add new types of sauces or cheeses. Broccoli is one of the vegetables kids seem to push to the side. Adding cheddar cheese can do wonders. Another unpopular veggie is spinach. There are plenty of great spinach ideas that disguise the bitter taste.

If you like Chinese food, you don’t have to order from the restaurant down the street if you know how to create your own dishes. Find Asian sauces at your local grocery store. Add Teriyaki sauce to chicken for a great tasting dish made right from home.

Eat Dinner Early

One of the problems of maintaining a diet is eating later in the evening. It’s recommended that eating before six in the evening is better than eating after that time. The body doesn’t burn as many calories at night as it does during the day when you’re most active. Make an effort to bring your family together for an early dinner. If you have older kids who participate in sports or after-school programs, try to schedule dinner right after. If this isn’t possible then make your dinner as healthy as possible. Cook meals that are light, but filling.

Serve Healthy Desserts

Dessert is usually everyone’s favorite part of dinner. The kids will love whatever sweet dessert you serve, but your hips won’t. Introduce frozen yogurt or low-fat ice cream to the table. Fresh fruit with fat-free whipped cream or low calorie Jello are great choices. Also consider making your baked goods with healthier additives rather than butter or oils.

Avoid High-Calorie Snacks

Watching movies with the family usually means consuming lots of unhealthy snacks. Eat popcorn instead of chips (hold the butter). Drink natural fruit juices rather than sodas or high-calorie juices. Encourage your kids to eat nuts or even fruit as snacks. This keeps you from eating more calories and fat-filled snacks than you need for the day.

It is easier said than done when it comes to getting your family on the right track and keeping with your dieting goals. Eating something new and different isn’t an easy task, especially for children. Make the change slowly and introduce new things to the table. Eating healthy as a family can help your diet if you put forth the effort.


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