How Eating Habits Can Determine Long Term Weight Loss

Healthy eating habits are essential to long term weight loss. Establishing habits that you can practice on a daily basis will allow you to both attain and sustain your ideal weight. Going on a quick weight loss plan that does not translate into a change in habits could result in yo-yo dieting. Healthy eating habits, on the other hand, allow you to take the weight off and enjoy your meals.

Always Eat Breakfast

One of the most important habits for losing weight and keeping it off is eating breakfast. Your body needs fuel when you wake up in the morning. Skipping meals, in general, is a bad idea. But eating breakfast is especially important because it is the first meal of the day and it sets the tone for your day. When you eat a healthy breakfast, you will have more energy and feel less deprived throughout the day. Skipping breakfast can result in eating larger meals for lunch and dinner. It also often results in excessive snacking.

Choose Healthy Snacks

It is easy to consume a large number of calories through snacking. Cookies, chips, candy bars, sugary sodas, and flavored coffee with cream and sugar are just a few examples of snacks that are high in fat and sugar. If you get hungry in between meals, choose healthy snacks that you enjoy. Oranges, peaches, carrots, low-salt crackers, and low-fat yogurt are examples of healthy snacks. If you find that you do not have access to healthy snacks at work or school, pack them the night before and take them with you in the morning.

Eat Slowly

One simple eating habit that helps people to lose weight and keep it off is eating slowly. Chewing your food enough will aid your digestion. It takes the brain about 20 minutes to realize that you are full. Eating slowly allows your brain to get the message before you have eaten too much. Also, some foods taste better the more you chew them. Complex carbs, for example, taste sweeter the longer you chew them. This will help you to feel full faster and enjoy your food more.

Avoid Fried Foods

Whenever you have the option, choose grilled or broiled foods. This will cut down the calories and fat content tremendously. Once you are in the habit of choosing grilled chicken over fried, for example, you may actually prefer it. Avoiding fried foods on a regular, long-term basis will aid your weight loss efforts tremendously.

Avoid Fast Food

Avoiding fast food seems like a given when you are discussing weight loss. However, eating fast food is a habit for many people and an easy one to slip into, especially if you live a busy life and often find yourself running out of time to plan and cook meals. If you eat fast food because you’re short on time, visit a health food store and check out their pre-packaged foods. You may find burritos, veggie patties, and chicken nuggets, for example, that are quick and easy to prepare in the oven or microwave that don’t contain all of the fat and calories of the typical fast food meal.  


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