How Do Slimming Body Wraps Work?

Slimming body wraps are more popular than ever and touted as a great way to spend a day at the spa and shed weight from your whole body, with most results seen around the mid-section. Spas do offer a variety of body wrap services, but you can do them in the convenience and privacy of your own home as well. While body wraps don’t work for everyone, done correctly most people see great results. But, the question to answer is whether they really work and if they only work for the short term.

Basic Concept

The basic structure of the body wrap is a cotton elastic wrap and a vinyl sauna suit. You wrap yourself in the cotton wrap and put on the sauna suit to create a tightly compressed sauna situation, which helps you sweat and break down fat at the same time.

Water Weight

One of the ways a body wrap works is by helping you sweat out excess water weight. Because of the sauna effect, you do need to drink lots of water while the suit is on to replenish the water you’re losing. This may sound counter intuitive, but your body will burn water more efficiently if you’re well hydrated.

Fat Reduction

Lose of water and compression do break your surface layer of fat down and can help you lose fat as well. This is not a guaranteed thing and it depends on how solid (or old) the fat in your mid-section is. The longer you carry the fat, the more difficult it becomes to remove. Fat can also start to fill in around the organs which is also difficult to get rid of (though the most dangerous). To aid in fat reduction, you need to stay hydrated during the process and apply the wrap properly as per the instructions you receive in the kit. If you’re getting your wrap done at a spa, the technician will already be trained in how to do this.


While there are no rules saying you can’t workout with the wrap on, you need to consider the limited mobility you will have. You can walk and do other limited movements if you want. If you opt to exercise while wearing the wrap you need to increase your water intake during your workout.

Slimming body wraps are known to work with loss of water weight and reduction of fat. To maintain the results, you need to continue a healthy lifestyle of exercise and smart eating. When you consider a body wrap to aid in weigh loss, you need to decide if you’re going to visit a spa or use a home kit. When using a home kit, read the instructions carefully to make sure you use the kit correctly for the best results. Before visiting a spa, ask to speak to the technician who preforms wraps to talk about their methods and pre-treatment recommendations.


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