How Diet Supplements Can Affect Arthritis

Arthritis is an increasingly common condition that affects a large number of women throughout the United States. While it generally affects older women, it can strike at any age. In the midst of a sea of misinformation about how diet and nutritional supplements can affect your arthritis symptoms and development, it’s important to know what really works before you modify your lifestyle too heavily.

The truth is that a good number of diet supplements that are designed to affect arthritis will provide negligible benefits, if any benefits at all. While certain nutritional elements and supplements can slightly improve arthritis, it’s likely to be a mixture of behavioral changes, dietary adjustments and prescription medicines that will allow you to best deal with and treat your arthritis pain and swelling. Of the greatest importance is that you continue to work closely with your doctor in order to determine the best course of action, both to eliminate the symptoms of arthritis and to ensure that you remain adequately healthy so that you will not be affected by other, non-related conditions.

Diet Supplements that Can Ease Arthritis Pain

One of the most highly-touted diet supplements designed to improve overall joint health, reduce arthritis inflammation and pain and prevent the occurrence of arthritis in general is Glucosamine-Chondroitin. This supplement is derived from various crustaceans and promotes the healthy regeneration of damaged joint tissue and cartilage. While it has yet to be clinically confirmed to improve arhtritis symptoms in every person, many patients do find that a regular dose of Glucosamine-Chondroitin supplements will in fact help them individually.

Boron is an element that is found in many fruits and vegetables and is also available as part of certain multivitamin packets. It has been linked with decreased rates of arthritis in many people, making it a good supplement to consider if you know yourself to be at risk for arthritis but have yet to develop it completely.

Avocado-soybean unsaponifiable, or ASU, has been proven through a series of studies to help to slow the progression of arthritis while also making arthritis pain less intense.

Other Diet Supplement Issues

Before you begin to take a diet supplement, you should examine it with your doctor. Many of the supplements that are commonly used to address arthritis symptoms and the progression of the condition can lead to imbalances in other ways in your overall health. This can predispose you for a number of unrelated conditions. If your health is already poor due to arthritis, you may be more prone to developing injuries and illnesses anyway, so it’s best to ensure that any supplement you take will not negatively impact your health.

A good number of diet supplements will have little to no effect on your arthritis. If you’re looking solely for a set of supplements to help with this issue, you’ll be best off not spending your money on these. Your doctor can help you to determine which will be effective and which will not.


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