How Desk Exercises Can Keep You from Gaining Work Weight

Desk exercises are a great way to lose weight and keep in shape, even while you are sitting down at work. Since a lot of jobs require you to sit down in front of a computer every day, gaining some work weight is inevitable for a lot of people. Here are some desk exercises that you can do without having to leave your work station.

Build Your Strength

Regular exercise is necessary if you want to keep the pounds off and develop a toned body. This is why it’s recommended that you work out at the gym, go running or do other physical activities several times a week. However, if your job keeps you busy most of the time and too tired to work out during your free time, you can use those vacant times at work to squeeze in some exercise. A good idea would be to do some strength-building exercises.

While you’re waiting for a client’s email or a report to print out, stand up and do some squats using your desk for support. To build strength in your legs, sit on your chair with your back straight. Firmly place both hands on the armrests or the edge of your chair and stretch your legs out in front of you. Lift one leg slowly off the floor, keeping it straight. Hold the position for several seconds. Start lowering the leg but stop just a couple of inches from the floor. Hold for a few more seconds. Do the same exercise with the other leg. Do 15 reps for each leg.

Do Stretching Exercises

Aside from helping you keep the pounds off, stretching exercises can also help you avoid stiffness, shoulder pain, backaches and other effects of sitting at your desk for long periods of time. A lot of people mistakenly think that the best way to stretch the neck is by rotating it. Not only is this an ineffective way of stretching your neck but it can also cause strain on the joints. While sitting on your chair, move your head side to side, then forward and backward. To stretch your shoulders, roll them forward about 10 times then backward for another 10. If you are like many people then you probably tend to hunch forward while typing on your computer. Not only can this cause back pain, but it can also make your belly fat more prominent. To combat the effects of this bad posture, stretch your arms wide toward your sides, as if you were about to hug someone. Next, rotate your hands backward. This exercise will pull your shoulders back and help you become aware of your posture again.

Work Your Abs

There are also some desk exercises that you can try to tone your abs. Holding a water bottle in both hands, stretch your arms over your head. Keeping your arms straight, bend slowly toward your left as far as you can. As you do this exercise, you will feel your abs contract. Slowly raise your torso back to the center position before bending back toward your right. Do 10 reps of this exercise.


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