How Chronic Pain Sufferers Can Lose Weight with Low Impact Fitness

Low impact fitness is an easy way to achieve weight loss, especially for those who suffer from any type of chronic pain. In fact, there are many different fitness regimens that are low impact and that can even help to ease some pain in the legs, arms and back. By eating a healthy diet and incorporating one or more of the following low impact exercises into your regular weekly routine, you should start to see results within just a couple of weeks!

Water Aerobics

Aerobics are a great way to burn extra calories and to get the metabolism running quicker, but it’s also hard to tackle when you suffer from chronic pain. However, simply doing aerobics moves in the swimming pool should relieve enough of the tension and strain to let you comfortably get in a workout without struggling. Almost any aerobics routine can be incorporated in the water, and there’s a good chance you can even find a water aerobics class in your local neighborhood.


Walking is a form of low impact fitness that’s underrated many times. Just because walking isn’t as strenuous as jogging or bike riding doesn’t mean that it’s void of benefits. In fact, walking has been shown to help reduce blood pressure and stress levels, and its low impact enough for most people with chronic pain to be able to partake in. It can be done any time of day, and it can even be split up throughout the day if it’s too painful to walk for long periods at a time.

Step Aerobics

There are numerous DVDs and classes dedicated to step aerobics, and low impact versions are becoming more and more popular. The process of stepping up and down again is the most strenuous this workout gets, so as long as you can climb stairs, you should have no problem doing this workout. You can buy your own step and start your journey at home, you can join a local class, or you can even start a group workout with friends.


Although yoga looks easy, it’s not. However, it is a low impact fitness regimen that most people can participate in at once level or another. Some yoga poses may not be achievable for those who suffer from certain chronic pain, but basic moves can help to relieve stress, strengthen muscles and relieve some pain.

Making the Most of Low Impact Fitness

It’s a good idea to ease into a new workout regimen and work your way up from there. This will ensure that you don’t injure yourself or get discouraged with your progress. With that said, there are numerous ways that you can intensify a workout while doing low impact fitness routines if you so choose. For example, you can use ankle or wrist weights when walking, you can make your moves dramatic when doing water aerobics, or you can make your exercise more lengthy than usual in order to burn a few extra calories.


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