How Chewing Gum Can Work Off a Double Chin

A double chin can be an unattractive feature. However, that area can be stubborn and difficult to tone and tighten. Chewing gum can help to reduce a double chin by targeting one of the causes of the problem.

The Causes of a Double Chin

Double chins may be caused by several different factors. They are often genetic, as the shape of your face is a result of the genes passed down from your parents and grandparents. A double chin consists of loose skin and fat, so gaining weight can result in a double chin. It can also be exaggerated by the aging process, during which the whole body may begin to store more fat and lose muscle tone.

Slight double chins can also be the result of jaw muscles that are not toned, and toning these muscles may help to define the chin area, reducing the problem. However, toning the jaw, just like toning other muscles in the body, will not directly reduce fat. A healthy weight loss diet and exercise plan is the only long term solution for reducing fat from the body, including the chin. Toning the muscles of the jaw, however, can remove a slight double chin or reduce the size of a larger one by tightening the underlying muscles.

Chewing Gum to Tighten a Double Chin

Chewing gum regularly can help to exercise and tone the muscles responsible for defining the jaw area. The muscles that will hold in a double chin are the same muscles that are used when chewing. They are exercised when you eat meals, but chewing gum is especially helpful as it is usually more difficult to chew gum than food, therefore the muscles will work harder. Chewing sugar-free gum will also allow you to exercise your jaw without worrying about extra calories that could add to your double chin.

If you aren’t used to chewing gum, don’t try to start with hours worth of chewing. It can quickly make your jaw muscles surprisingly sore. Work your way up to chewing gum regularly, making sure you check the label of the chewing gum in case there is a recommended daily limit you should follow. This is important as chewing too much of some kinds of gum can lead to digestive problems.

Other Benefits of Chewing Gum

Chewing sugar-free gum has also been shown to help reduce cravings for other snacks, and so can help with weight loss. Chewing gum has also been related to lowered stress levels, a benefit that could lead to less stress related eating. These benefits can help you to reduce your weight, and so also reduce a double chin.

Chewing gum will not remove a prominent double chin, but it can reduce them and might even eliminate slight double chins. When combined with a healthy eating and exercise plan to reduce weight, chewing gum to tone up the jaw muscles is an excellent way to achieve a more defined jaw line.


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