How Cauliflower Can Help You Lose Weight

Cauliflower is a great food that can help you lose weight because it’s so versatile. In fact this particular vegetable provides an excellent source of calcium with more than 75% of the recommended daily value in each serving. Cauliflower is also a good source of other vitamins and minerals such as niacin, vitamin K, phosphorus and even calcium. Plenty of protein and fiber can be found in this food as well.

And because cauliflower comes in at only 25 calories an ounce, it’s considered an extremely nutrient dense food, which means you can eat lots of it without having to worry about your weight. You can use the following tips and tricks to incorporate cauliflower into the meals you know and love in order to help cut calories, provide additional nutrition and to help you lose weight.

Turn Your Cauliflower into Mashed Potatoes

Lower the calorie count and up the nutritional value of the mashed potatoes you make for your next sit down dinner by simply incorporating cauliflower into the mix. It’s easy to do by replacing half of the potatoes you usually use in the mash with cauliflower. Boil the cut up vegetable pieces right along with your potatoes and mash them just like you normally would. You can even replace the milk and butter you use in your mashed potatoes with fresh spices, herbs and olive oil.

Add Your Cauliflower to Soups and Casseroles

Because this particular vegetable is very bland in taste by itself, it tends to pick up flavors from other foods easily. This makes it easy to incorporate cauliflower into your soups and casseroles without dramatically changing the taste of the dish, if at all. If you aren’t particularly fond of cauliflower, this method works best with meals that make use of numerous different ingredients. In fact most of the time you can’t even tell the veggie is in there!

Marinate Your Cauliflower

If you are looking for new ways to serve vegetables, consider marinating them. Cauliflower is one of the best options for this because it can absorb whatever flavors you choose to introduce to it. If you’re into Thai or Chinese food, try marinating the veggies in soy sauce or Teriyaki sauce. If you are more inclined to enjoy Mexican food, you can try soaking the cauliflower in cumin and tomatoes. For an Italian flair, consider using a little olive oil, basil, oregano or even a marinara sauce with your cauliflower before cooking it.

There are numerous ways to incorporate cauliflower into your regular meal plans, all it takes it a little imagination. The more nutrient dense foods you incorporate into your eating habits the easier it is to lose weight and to keep it off without having to feel deprived or miserable throughout the day. In fact, eating an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables with each meal will keep you filled up and satisfied between meals.


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