How Can a Weighted Toning Ball Help Me?

A weighted toning ball offers all the balance-based, tone-optimizing options of the non-weighted version, with the added bonus of being able to include more weight-intensive training without having to add in bulky and expensive free weights or dumbbells. This device will add a new dimension to your workout by fusing the normal non-weighted ball with the attributes of a classic medicine ball (used by athletes and trainers for over a century to increase core strength).

Weighted vs. Non-weighted

If you’re used to incorporating the non-weighted balls into your daily exercise routine, the weighted balls provide additional resistance that will allow you to firm up and increase muscle tone faster and more efficiently. You have the option to continue with your normal routine, but by adding the additional weight, you’ll find that it’s become more difficult. The new crunches and sit-ups will push you to your limit at first, but, rest assured, after a few weeks you’ll find the weighted ball easier to handle and maneuver with, and your body will definitely start responding to the more intensive workout. You’ll literally feel the difference.

More Variation

The added weight also serves as a gateway to an abundance of different types of exercises and techniques. So, if you’ve been working with the non-weighted ball and have come to feel that your workouts have become humdrum, the weighted ball will infuse your regimen with new life and more variety—not to mention a better overall workout.

The weighted ball allows you to expand the focus of your workout beyond your core to other parts of your body, such as your arms and legs, for a more thorough overall workout. You can even incorporate both types into your workout simultaneously, using the non-weighted ball as a balance point and the weighted version to add resistance. Either way, the weighted ball will allow you to change things up in order to keep your workouts more interesting and challenging.

Work Out with a Buddy

The weighted balls also promote the buddy system. Various studies have found that you’re much more likely to stick with a normal exercise routine and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself if you’re accompanied by a partner. The fact that you’re “in this together” provides an added incentive to stick to the plan and see it through. The weighted toning ball lends itself very well to working with a partner, as many of the exercises focus on tossing the ball back in forth to tone and sculpt the arm and abdominal muscle groups. Including a friend in your routine will certainly help increase overall strength, but could also keep you focused on your collective goals.

For the Experienced and Novices Alike

Even if you’ve had little or no experience incorporating toning balls into your daily workouts before, the weighted version of this device will provide results. Whether you plan to use your own weight as the main source of resistance by balancing on the ball or you plan on using the weight of the ball itself to tone and firm muscles—or both—this device will provide an unending array of exercise variations that will leave you toned and satisfied.


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