How Bite Size Candy Can Be a Big Time Indulgence

When many people think of cutting back on portion sizes of the food that they eat in order to lower their weight, they turn to bite size candy instead of full-size candy bars. While this is generally a great way to cut back on your portions and to help manage your weight more successfully through the course of a weight loss program or a diet, it’s not necessarily the best way to be healthy.

Bite size candy bars are individually wrapped and contain much less fat, sugar, and sodium than their full size candy bar counterparts. In this sense, they are quite a bit healthier for you than other types of candy. However, it’s important to keep in mind that bite size candy bars can be just as unhealthy for you, depending upon how many of them you eat.

The Importance of Portion Size

If you are looking to lose weight, the single most important thing to remember is that your weight is dependent upon the number of calories that you put into your body and the number of calories that you burn through exercise as well as various activities and bodily tasks that you accomplish on a daily basis. If you eat more calories than you burn off, you’ll gain weight. If you burn more calories than you eat, you lose weight.

Bite size candy bars are, on the surface, a great item to consume to help you lose weight. They are lower in calories than their full-size counterparts. However, the number of candy bars that you eat is vitally important to this equation. If you know that you do not have the ability to properly control yourself and stop yourself from eating a lot of small candy bars, you may very well end up actually eating a higher number of calories in bite size candy bars than you would have if you ate one larger bar. The number of bars and the portions that you eat are therefore the single most important factor.

Controlling Portions

Bite size candy can be dangerous for you, as it’s difficult to gauge how much you’ve eaten if you are a compulsive eater or if you eat absentmindedly. However, having an individually wrapped package to open means that you will be much more aware of how much you’ve eaten. Unlike other types of snack items, you can clearly determine exactly the nutritional value of the candy that you’ve had when you choose bite size candy bars. When you’re planning to make a switch to bite size candy, evaluate your own eating style from an honest perspective to determine if this will likely be a helpful thing for you or not.

Ideally, in order to lose weight effectively, you should use bite size candies as a transition point between other foods. Use them to gradually ease yourself off of less healthy foods, but continue by incorporating fruit, vegetables and other healthy snacks into your diet as well.


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