How Almonds Can Help Prevent Cancer

Having your daily dose of nuts is good for your wellness, and almonds are actually one of the most nutritious snacks you can opt for. It’s already been established that almonds have a lot of health benefits. But more than that, these nuts can actually help prevent different types of cancer. The various components and nutrients present in almonds each cater to battling different types of cancer cells.


A high concentration of phytochemicals are present on an almond’s dark brown skin. Studies show that this powerful natural compound, which plants use to protect themselves against pests, have been seen to fight off cancer cells. In various laboratory experiments, the phytochemicals found in almonds actually aid in keeping brain tumors from multiplying. There are even accounts of the tumors decreasing significantly.

Vitamin B17

Almonds are rich in vitamin B17, or laetrile, a substance known to prevent cancer. Keep in mind, though, that it’s the bitter almonds that are rich in this vitamin, not the common sweet almonds. It has been noted that vitamin B17 kills cancer cells, if used as part of a holistic nutritional program. Alternative medical practitioners suggest eating several bitter almonds daily to prevent the growth of cancer. They say that B17 is composed mainly of hyrocyanic acid – a component that the body eliminates through normal cellular oxidation process. When cancer cells are present, they are unable to destroy the acid and instead absorb it, getting eliminated themselves in the process.

E is for Almonds

A good dose of vitamin E has been found in almonds. In fact, an ounce of almonds will already give you 35% of your daily requirement. Some studies have pointed that consistent consumption of almonds has significantly decreased chances for breast cancer and prostate cancer. That’s because vitamin E in almonds came in the form of alpha-tocopherol – a known agent that prevents the multiplication of cancer cells.

Fiber High

Almonds are very rich in fiber, which are great agents for cleansing your dietary tract. This significantly increases your chance of evading colon cancer and rectal cancer. A cup of whole almonds will give you 17.3 grams of fiber – 86% of the daily recommended dose. Moreover, the monosaturated fats and calcium content of almonds also work against the development of colon cancer.

To get your daily dose of almonds to fight off cancer, munching on whole almonds is most recommended. Some say that three almonds a day keeps cancer away, while others would say that the number is closer to nine. If you’re not one to chomp on nuts, almonds come in other forms that may suit your taste more. Go for bread or pastries that are made from almond flour or almond meal.  On salads, reach for that sweet almond-oil dressing. Throw in some crushed almonds or almond slivers to your breakfast cereal. These are just some of the ways you can ensure that you get almonds in your diet in order to fight off cancer risks.


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