How Adding Color to Your Wardrobe Can Affect Your Mood

Adding color to your wardrobe can affect your mood, even when you don’t realize it. The colors that are in your wardrobe play a significant role in how your mood will be throughout the day. Here are nine colors and how adding them to your wardrobe can affect your mood.


Red attracts attention. Red is also symbolic of love and romance. The color red is very emotionally intense and it can make your heart rate increase as well as your breathing. If you plan on having an important discussion, try not to wear red.


The color pink has the ability to be very calming. Wear pink in a calm and relaxed setting. Pink also symbolizes love and romance. It is a great color to wear when you’re in good mood and want to share that mood with a special someone. Even if you’re in a bad mood, wear pink. It can help put you in a better mood.


Orange draws energy and attention but it is not as intense as red. By incorporating orange into your wardrobe, you can bring energy into your life through your outfit. Orange is a great color to wear when you would like to stay positive.


Having black in your closet is great for appearing to be more fit and slim. Wearing black will make you feel more powerful and important. Remember that too much black can be overpowering at times.


Purple can boost energy levels, as it is very stimulating. If you would like to add sophistication to your look, then choose purple. It is commonly known as a royal color so it could add some confidence to your day. If you are stuck in thought or having a deep issue, wear purple because it might be able to lead you to a decision.


Yellow is a great color to wear when you need to cheer yourself up. Yellow also represents intelligence. If you have an exam, or anything that uses your mind, yellow can stimulate your mental activity. If you need to feel inspired and creative, then yellow is also a great color to wear.


White reflects light and symbolizes purity. Wearing white not only has the ability to brighten your entire outfit, it also can brighten your mood and day. If you are having a bad start, then try putting on white to brighten and cleanse your mood.


The various shades of green found in the outdoors seem to have a soothing effect. Green can help keep you calm when you have something stressful coming up. Any time you feel overwhelmed, wear green and it will bring down intense energy levels.


Blue can help you feel more relaxed. Wear blue to boost creativity and spark ideas. Blue should not be worn if you are sad. It will only make you feel more down.


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