How Adding Color to Wardrobe Can Boost Self Esteem

Adding color to your wardrobe can be an important factor when it comes to your self esteem. Wearing certain colors can make you feel sad, or even give you more confidence. Some days you might need to relax, while on other days, you might want a little more attention. Knowing which colors to wear can change how you feel about yourself and also have an impact on your day. Below are nine colors and how adding them to your wardrobe can affect your self esteem.


If you would like to draw less intense attention to yourself, try wearing orange. Orange will make you feel energetic and good about yourself. When you give off bright energy, then you will receive that same energy back.


Wearing yellow can make you feel good about yourself and happier overall. It is a good color to wear to inspire personal change and growth, such as a new diet plan or workout routine.


By wearing white, you are showing that you can take risks by wearing something that most people are afraid to wear. It shows that you are bold and have confidence in yourself.


Green is good for your self esteem because it will keep you calm and keep you comfortable in your own skin. It is good for relaxing your mind and just feeling comfortable with what you are wearing.


By wearing red, you open yourself up to attract attention. If you feel as if no one pays you much attention, or that people do not usually notice you, then try wearing more red. You can add a red scarf to your outfit for a pop of color that will definitely get noticed. Do not wear too much red, because it has a tendency to affect your appetite. This could make you hungrier throughout the day.


Wearing pink can make you feel more girly and feminine. This can raise your self confidence sometimes because it can automatically make you feel prettier. Even if you do not usually wear pink, having it in your wardrobe allows you to be pretty in pink from time to time. It is also a great choice for a date.


If you are feeling down, then wearing blue would probably make you feel worse. Certain darker shades of blue can make you feel even more down when you are feeling depressed. Lighter shades of blue can help you wind down from having a stressful day.


If you need a boost of confidence, adding purple to your wardrobe is a great start. It can make you feel energetic and add a little pep in your step. When wearing purple, you can hold your head majestically high and walk with poise.


Incorporating black into your wardrobe will make you feel more powerful and more in control. It’s great for looking and feeling slimmer. Black tends to make you shed a few pounds because it absorbs light instead of reflecting it, like white.


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