How a Wellness Massage Increases Mind-Body Awareness

A wellness massage does just that, it makes one feel well. Receiving a massage can be just as therapeutic as psychotherapy, an exercise program or even spending time with friends. The documented research includes not only physical benefits, but a mind body connection as well.

An Open Mind, An Open Body

The mind body connection, the yin and yang if you will, work side by side to create homeostasis also known as equilibrium. When they are out of sync, discomfort and disease may ensue. A frequent wellness massage can be the catalyst to a stronger physical and mental disposition.

Head and Spine: The Craniosacral Massage

There are two locations on the body that begin the opening of the gateway between the mind and body: the lower rim along the back of the skull called the occipital (ah-sip-i-tahl) ridge and the triangular bone at the bottom of the spine called the sacrum (say-krum). By the client breathing deep and the massage therapist simultaneously holding and rocking these two areas, the spinal fluid is put into a circulation that can make the person experience a floating sensation. If done right, a unique awareness will emerge, enabling one to tune in, listen and release. This is known as the craniosacral massage.


The practice of working points on the feet, hands and ears, following a specific pathway or meridian chart, is known as reflexology. By manipulating these points, a practitioner can increase or decrease energy flow to certain areas of the body including visceral, skeletal and mental. This practice is a great beginning to a massage, as it immediately relaxes the mind and the rest of the body, opening it up for deeper work.

Slow Muscle Point Work

Thinking into slow deep point work is another example of how the mind body awareness can work. As a therapist kneads and pushes into points, the client will breathe and think of something visual to release the stuck areas. Often darkness and light are used, darkness being the afflicted area and the light slowly filling that darkness. By the client visualizing this, the work can become enhanced tenfold.

Slow Skeletal Point Work

Believe it or not, there are points actually on the bone, such as around the orbital ridge (outside eye socket) or in muscles close to the bone like the middle of the scapula (the triangular bones on either side of your upper back). The same technique above applies when these points are worked. Spots on the bony structure of the face can really setoff synapse firing in the brain.


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