How a Pole Dancing Workout Can Boost Self Esteem

A pole dancing workout can boost your self-esteem, especially when you engage in pole dancing on a regular basis. Pole dancing has somewhat of a risque reputation–and indeed, that can actually help increase your self-confidence–but you needn’t regard it as a sexual activity entirely (or at all). A pole dancing routine can quite effectively help you burn calories, boost your metabolism, and make you feel better about yourself. Here is how pole dancing can boost your self esteem:

Encourages You to Work Out on a Regular Basis

When your workout routine is something different and fun, like a pole dancing workout, you’ll find that the motivation to exercise comes much more naturally. You won’t struggle against your own negative tendencies to put off a workout because you’re tired or busy. Instead, you’ll look forward to working out because you know that you’ll feel great immediately. When you realize that you have the willpower to stick to your workout routine, you’ll feel more confident in your own abilities.

Helps You Lose Weight and Get a More Toned Body

A balanced pole dancing workout is quite an effective cardio workout that can also help shape and tone targeted areas of your body. Through stretches and aerobic-like maneuvers, your blood will get bumping so that you’re burning calories at the same time you’re exercising muscles. Over time, a regular pole dancing workout combined with a healthy diet can lead you to lose weight and/or shape and tone your body. You’ll have more energy and be able to engage in more activities. You’ll also feel proud of how your body is shaping up. This boost of self-esteem will make you feel more attractive.

Makes You Feel Sexy

Although no one has to know you’re pole dancing (usually in the privacy of your own home or in an enclosed studio in a gym) if you don’t want them to, engaging in a pole dance workout can make you feel sexy. The type of dancing has a reputation of being used in strip shows–although of course your workout need not involve stripping–and so if you choose to workout by pole dancing, not for money but for your own self-confidence, you’ll feel like a powerhouse.

The moves involved in pole dancing can make you feel sexy and confident. If you want to share your dancing routine with your romantic partner, you’ll feel even more confident in your ability to add some spice to the relationship.

Encourages You to Try Something New

Because pole dancing is risque, you may not have ever imagined yourself doing it. You may feel embarrassed or think you’re not “attractive enough” to be working out on that pole. Get over your reservations and try out pole dancing–even if you keep it between yourself and an instructor or even just yourself and a video at first–and you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised. Not only will you be trying a new activity you never pictured yourself doing, but you’ll be having fun and feeling great all the while. More confidence will translate to more self-esteem.


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