How a Muscle Toning Belt Sculpts the Body

A muscle toning belt has been available in one form or another since the 1970s, promising users the ability to tone muscles while expending very little effort. You may have seen the vintage footage of Bruce Lee using a similar device on the set of one of his martial arts movies in order to give his muscles an extra level of definition and ferocity when on camera. But how do these belts work? And are they a reliable gateway to that sleek and sculpted body you’ve always yearned for?

EMS to Tone Muscle

Muscle toning belts work by incorporating electronic muscle stimulation (EMS), a scientifically proven technology that stimulates muscles by sending a tiny electrical charge to the muscle causing it to flex and contract just as it would if you were doing any straightforward exercise repetition. The magnitude of the charge can be altered accordingly, depending on which muscles you wish to work and to what degree you wish to work them. A larger charge would be needed to work your leg muscles, for example, than your forearms. As such, the device allows you to continue toning muscle beyond the confines of the gym or track—even from the comfort of your own living room.

Great for Rehab

These belts are perfect if you’re temporarily unable to get to the gym or work out as hard as you’d like. If you’re dealing with or just coming back from an injury, for example, a muscle toning belt will allow you to work muscle groups without risk of further aggravating your injury during the regular movements involved in exercising. The device also works muscles in a gentle manner, which, in the case of pulled or strained muscles, allows you to continue to work the affected area without risk of further exacerbating the strain. Busy moms with young children can also use the device to help keep muscles toned even as they go about their busy day-to-day responsibilities of raising their families.

No Substitute for Hard Work

It should be noted, though, that these belts are not supposed to be seen as miracles in a box. Six-pack abs and lean, toned muscles don’t happen without hard work, sweat and determination. Muscle toning belts will help you get to where you want to be faster, but should be viewed as a supplement to routine exercise and a balanced diet. Also, though these belts do tone muscle, they do not necessarily help you to lose weight on their own. Again, they need to be supplemented with a cardio-based exercise regimen along with a sensible diet.

Supplement Your Workout

Though muscle toning belts don’t necessarily work miracles, they do employ scientifically proven methods in order to sculpt and tone muscle. In other words, if used correctly, they garner results. If added as a supplement to your routine regimen, a belt could give you the muscle tone and definition you’ve always desired. Finally, please be aware that you should always consult your physician before embarking on any new fitness regimen. Safety always comes first.


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