How a Healthy Breakfast Can Kickstart Your Diet

Eating a healthy breakfast each day can actually help you to lose weight. It may seem counter-intuitive that eating a meal instead of skipping it can actually accelerate your weight loss goals. However, a healthy breakfast can help you achieve your dieting goals in several ways.

Normalizes Meal Portions

Many people skip breakfast to avoid the added calories. While this makes sense on one level, studies show that people who skip breakfast tend to eat much larger lunches and dinners than those who eat breakfast. When you skip breakfast, your body is going for a very long time without food. In some cases this may be a full 16 hours or more, counting the time you’re asleep. After skipping breakfast, you’re more likely to feel famished by lunch and eat a much larger portion. A healthy breakfast helps to fuel your body and remove the extreme hunger.

Reduces Snacking

Another common habit for people who skip breakfast is to feel hungry in the late morning before lunch. You may be sitting at your desk at work and unable to go to lunch, but a snack in your purse or in the office vending machine suddenly calls your name. If you eat a healthy breakfast, you will feel less inclined to snack. This allows you to stick to your diet plan.

Provides Satiety

When you skip breakfast when dieting, there is a greater chance that you will feel deprived. You will have to endure hunger for a longer number of hours. This makes it difficult to stick to your diet. However, a healthy breakfast that provides you with just enough calories and nutrients will satisfy you and give you the willpower you need to resist going off your diet plan.

Making a Breakfast Plan

Once you have decided that you will make eating a healthy breakfast an integral part of your diet regime, plan ahead. If you’re not a regular breakfast eater, think through the reasons why you may not be eating breakfast. If you skip breakfast because you simply don’t have the time in the mornings, prepare your breakfast ahead of time. Peel and cut up fruit the night before. Buy plastic baggies or use plastic containers to carry food with you to eat at work or en route. If you skip breakfast because you don’t like conventional breakfast foods, think of other foods within your diet plan that can be eaten in the morning. Different countries and cultures eat a variety of foods in the mornings. There is no set rule dictating that breakfast has to consist of milk and cereal or omelets.  

Eating a healthy breakfast can kickstart your diet. It can reduce binging on food later on in the day, reduce snacking, nourish you and make you feel more satisfied. For best results, make eating a healthy breakfast a regular part of your every morning.


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