How A Full Vertical Crunch Works Your Abs

Many of us strive to attain a svelte abdominal section by performing a crunch repeatedly and stimulating the associated muscles. Great support and posture comes from having a strong mid section. In order to obtain this we must do certain exercises to strengthen this section of our body. One of these many maneuvers that work our abdominal muscles is full vertical crunches. This very effective exercise works the upper, lower and oblique muscles.

What is a Full Vertical Crunch?

A full vertical crunch would be considered a moderate to advanced abdominal exercise because it requires you to keep your legs perpendicular to the floor and your toes pointed at the ceiling. This movement is one of the most effective exercises for your midsection because it continuously works the rectus abdominus. By performing this exercise you target the upper and lower midsection by contracting your abs to raise your shoulders off the floor.

Full Vertical Crunch and Your Posture

Having a strong core means that your center of balance is on point and you have great posture. Performing the full vertical crunch will help you maintain or develop a defined and supportive midsection. If you’ve noticed slouching in your posture, a result of this could be a weak midsection. Incorporating this exercise with other supporting ab and back exercises will have you on your way to better posture and maybe even some definition in your abs.

Making the Full Vertical Crunch More Effective

One way to make this exercise more effective is to keep your abs taught throughout the entire exercise. What this does is put continuous stimulation on your abs so that they are working even when you are briefly resting between reps. By doing this you will reap the maximum benefits while performing the full vertical crunch. Another tip when performing the crunch movement is to point your heels toward the ceiling to benefit from the full range of motion while contracting your abs. Alternating sides will strengthen and target the adjacent oblique muscles even more, which will contribute to the full development of your abdominals.

Muscles Targeted While Performing the Full Vertical Crunch

The full vertical crunch targets the upper, lower and oblique muscles of your abs. When you perform the crunch by lifting your shoulder blades the upper abs are targeted, and when you lift your legs the lower abs are targeted. So by performing these two movements simultaneously you will be working your whole mid section including the obliques. Performing only this exercise for your abs is enough to develop a six pack, but you must also include cardio and a healthy diet.

Abdominal muscles are usually the body part that everyone would like to change about themselves. The full vertical crunch will help you obtain slim, firm abs if you’re committed to living a healthy lifestyle. By incorporating exercise and proper nutrition into your everyday life, this goal should be very obtainable.


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