How a Belt Can Make You Look Slimmer

Belts are an accessory that can help to give you the illusion of a slimmer body. Although many people who are overweight tend to forgo wearing belts, those with certain body types can really benefit from adding belts to their wardrobe. The following information will help you to determine if belts will be an asset to your look or not.

Depending on your body type, belts can either enhance or detract from your figure. The body types that benefit from wearing belts are hourglass, boyish, and pear shaped figures.  Although, some apple shaped figures may benefit as well.

Hourglass Figures

Women with hourglass figures tend to put weight on in the bust, hip and bottom areas while their waists stay relatively small. If you have an hourglass figure, wearing a belt will help to enhance your naturally small waist. The trick is to wear the belt around the smallest part of your waist. Belting a tunic, dress or even a coat will enhance your hourglass figure and give you an overall slimmer look.

Banana Shaped Figures

Women with banana shaped figures put weight on evenly throughout their bodies, but don’t have a lot of definition in their waists. Banana shaped figures can benefit from wearing belts because the belt will help to give the impression of a smaller waist. Belting a blousy top or dress will help to define your waist and give you the illusion of curves.

Pear Shaped Figures

Women with pear shaped figures tend to put weight on in the bottom half of their bodies. Their butt, hips and thighs are larger in proportion to their upper bodies. Wearing a belt with a flirty skirt is a great idea for this figure type. The belt will draw attention to the smallest part of their figure while the skirt will skim over their ample bottom half, resulting in an overall slimmer look.

Apple Shaped Figures

Women with apple shaped figures put weight on in the upper half of their bodies. Their shoulders are broader than their hips and they carry most of their weight in their bust or midsection. Wearing a belt with this figure type is tricky. They don’t want to wear anything that draws attention to their larger midsection. However, some apple shaped women may benefit from wearing a belt.

Other Tips

If your bust is relatively small and most of your weight is in the abdominal area, try wearing a belt higher up just under the bust line. This will create an empire waist, which can be very flattering on this figure type. The look works best with dresses, but may work with some blouses too.

If you have a large bust, slim hips and relatively flat abdomen, wearing a belt slung low on your hips will help to balance your figure. If you are large through the bust and abdomen area, you may want to forgo belts and invest in some pretty scarves instead. They can look very stylish around the neckline and bring the focus up towards your face.


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